De Marchi Spring Summer Clothing

De Marchi Spring Summer Clothing


De Marchi Spring Summer Clothing


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Preview of the De Marchi Spring Summer Clothing range for 2014


De Marchi are taking the cliche “You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time” to task.

For 2014, De Marchi is introducing three clothing lines – Innovation, Authentic, and Tradition – to appeal to everyone from the most casual hipster to the extremely serious racer. The common thread between their clothing offerings? Attention to detail, Italian craftsmanship, and designs that evoke the golden ages of cycling. How does it all come together? Read on to find out.


De Marchi kit is nicely presented
Premium De Marchi kit is nicely presented

De Marchi is a well-established player in cycling apparel. Emilio De Marchi founded the company in the late forties when riders Coppi, Bobet, Bottechia, and Bartali were dominating racing. He focused on providing excellent custom knitwear to the racing peloton.
When his daughter took over in the 60’s she continued to support the Italian racing scene, supplying clothing to champions Moser and Basso. Today the company has expanded horizons outside of Italy, collaborating with cycling companies including Trek and Ritchey and national cycling federations in the United States and Russia. While the company has focused on providing sophisticated cycling for the racing enthusiast in the Innovation Line, their Tradition and Authentic Lines evoke the companies long history in bicycling and bicycle racing.
De Marchi Innovation – Veloce Shorts & Jersey
The De Marchi Veloce shorts and jersey are designed for the racer or serious sportive rider. Both the shorts and jersey are designed for the British summer, with recommended temperature range for the kit from 22-30 degrees Celsius.
The jersey is constructed of a stretchy 30% lycra material with a thinner mesh under the arms and a carbon fibre blended fabric down the spine to enhance cooling in warm conditions and ensure the jersey stays planted in one place as the rider shifts on the bike. The combination of a lycra-based fabric and a “race fit” make the jersey form fitting. The 150 pound, 5’9 tester chose a medium for a comfortable snug fit. The standard three rear pockets are there, but De Marchi has also included a small front pocket with a reinforced headphone slit designed for a compact mp3 radio or smaller phone. Like the rest of De Marchi’s kit, the jersey is made in Italy with Italian eco-friendly materials.
The shorts also use a variety of fabrics to enhance fit and compression around the major muscle groups while also providing maximum 50+ SPF protection from the sun.  The shorts share the carbon fibre blend over the spine almost to the neck to help keep the bib straps securely over the rider’s shoulders while providing improved cooling.   The real star of the show, according to De Marchi, is the new CRM chamois.  The chamois is constructed of four high-density fabric layers.  These layers, including one memory foam layer, are positioned carefully to minimize road shock while also providing a central channel to minimize pressure on sensitive areas over long distances.  The chamois is also bacteriostatic, which prevents formations of germs rather than relying on a chemical composition to kill them, a healthier alternative according to De Marchi.
De Marchi Bottechia 1951 jersey
De Marchi Bottechia 1951 jersey

De Marchi Authentic – Bottechia 1951 Jersey
Not everyone wants the fastest kit all the time.  For those who want to wear stylish kit from the past, either to their favorite local eatery or out on the bike, De Marchi offers the Authentic Line.  As noted in our introduction, De Marchi’s history is tightly-intertwined with cycling, particularly Italian cycling.  This clothing line harks back to some of the De Marchi’s contributions to cycling history from the 1950s on.  Our test jersey is replica of the Bottechia team jersey from 1951:  This team won the Giro d’ Italia mountains jersey, Milan-San Remo, and Paris-Nice that year.  The jersey includes a 50% Merino wool blend, which keeps the wearer warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  The jersey is buttery soft to the touch yet stretchy enough to fit comfortably.  The jersey design includes knitted-in horizontal yellow stripes on a blue background, embroidered logos, and five pockets (three in the back pocket, two in the front).  Like a true throw back, there are no zippers on this one, just two buttons on the collar, and on each of the pockets.
De Marchi Tradition – Campione Polo, Cargo Slim Short, and Khaki Cap
If the Authentic Line focuses on cycling’s history, the Tradition Line focuses on the styles of the past using modern materials.  Our test collection includes the Cargo slim short, Khaki cap, and Campione polo.
To call the shorts “slim” would be a slight misnomer.  They are a long, baggy short which falls to the knee.  Although these look like any other cargo short, they incorporate a number of features designed just for cycling.  The fabric is a combination of nylon and stretch cotton, ensuring both a resilient short, but also a compliant one, when riding.  The shorts also include a slightly padded crotch area for more comfortable cycling over short to medium distances.  The shorts include two side pockets, two button pockets, and belt loops for every day wearability.
DeMarchi Tradition includes the Campione Polo shirt and the Cargo Slim Short
DeMarchi Tradition includes the Campione Polo shirt and the Cargo Slim Short

The Campione Polo is a 100% cotton jersey with a design reminiscent of designs from the 40s and 50s.  Featuring 3 rear pockets, mother-of-pearl buttons, textured sleeves, and a gorgeous light green color accented with world champion stripes, it certainly looks the business!  The shorts and jersey are set off nicely with the De Marchi khaki cap.  It’s a cycling peaked cap design with a little extra:  The cap is largely a stonewashed cotton and cordouroy in a dark green colour.  However, the retro appearance hides an anti-bacterial lining to keep the hat looking and smelling nice while an elastic hem keeps the hat firmly in place.
Now that spring has arrived in the UK (maybe), we’re looking forward to testing all of this clothing over the coming weeks. Look for our reviews soon!

De Marchi

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