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Tuesday, July 9th, 2013


Scicon AeroComfort


Scicon have taken some of the best bits of their hard cases and combined them with some of the best things about soft bike cases. The result is the favourite bike bag of the pro teams: the Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 TSA.


Whilst pro teams prefer soft bags that allow easier packing in their team trucks, us amateurs are more interested in ultimate protection and since 1999 I have travelled about with my bike using a trusty Scicon hard shell bike case. I’ve flown to most of the usual destinations for a cycling Brit: Majorca obviously, elsewhere in Spain, Italy, and the Canaries, but also to less obvious cycling destinations, like Barbados for example. My Scicon hard case also been to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, though not with me.


Its a tough case and has seen a good 14 years of service with only minor wounds; somewhere along the way it lost one of its small wheels to clumsy baggage handlers (or so I was told!?). Its been lightly packed and – after a notably successful stage race in Italy – heavily packed full of goodies, but no matter its always done that most important job and protected my precious race bike, whether it was steel, aluminium or more recently carbon. So can the best of both worlds Scicon AeroComfort, soft bike bag with a hard base really offer a similar level of protection and peace of mind to my hard shell bike box..? Read More >









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