Titus Rockstar Carbon

Titus Rockstar Carbon


Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er


Words by Dan Saunders


July 2013


When I let the editors of this fine site know that I had a cross-country (XC) mountain bike race on the schedule, the first question that came up was “Want to review a bike for us?” This is new territory for the team at CycleTechReview.com…


Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er


While they’re no strangers to getting dirty with long miles on the road and on the cyclocross course, reviewing bikes meant for the mountain trails is something new. And what better way to get started down the mountain bike path than with a cross country machine! While we initially agreed that the best first step for the site would be a hardtail, our first bike is actually a full suspension carbon beauty!


Not only that, this lovely machine is getting to go through its paces on a 6 hour XC race that takes place at a local ski resort. So which company stepped up to be the initial CycleTechReview.com mountain bike review? Why none other than Titus – a brand with roots both in the UK and America. Things are off to a good start already!


Thinking about a new mountain bike? Thinking about racing? Feeling like that old 26er is holding you back? Is the siren’s call of carbon enticing you and making you pinch some pennies and maybe skip a lunch or two to help save up for it? Well, I think we have a bike on the docket that just might hold your interest. The bike that we will be looking at, and that I will be racing, is the Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er.


Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er


It is coming to me equipped just as it is available as on Titus’s US website with a full SRAM X9 drive train, Avid Elixer 5 brakes, and a Rock Shox Recon Gold 100mm Solo Air, with 15mm front fork through axle, for a complete package that comes in at $2,999. While no small chunk of change by any means, it certainly opens the doors to possibilities, especially as it is also available as a frame only for those that may want to choose their own components.


Unfortunately, my time is a bit limited with this lovely bike. Titus asked for it to be returned shortly after the race, which gave me only a few days to get to know it. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. It’s a good thing that I usually thrive under pressure…


Looking at the bike itself, the first thing you may notice are the bars. They’re just plain HUGE; 76cm HUGE! There are doors in my house that aren’t that wide! Thankfully, the bike doesn’t have to fit through any of those doors.


Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er


The next thing about this bike that got my attention was that it actually got my attention. I’ve seen plenty of 29ers; plenty of full suspension 29ers. I’m not entirely sure if it was the black and white paint scheme, the lovely tube shaping, some smart bits here and there, or just the overall package.


But the real important question is: How does this thing ride. And for that, you’ll just have to be patient while I go out and hit the trail.


Check back in soon for the run-down on this great looking bike from Titus. That’s just the way it goes sometimes.


Titus USA


Titus UK

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