Northwave Venus SBS

Northwave Venus SBS


Northwave Venus SBS


Words by Vicky Tunstall


October 2013


As a novice to the world of cycling but with the legendary ‘Lands End to John O’Groats’ cycle ride looming large, I decided it was time to ditch cycling in my trainers and get some proper cycling shoes. So it was that I got a pair of Northwave Venus SBS shoes and then some Speedplay pedals to go with them.


Nortwave Venus SBS
New Nortwave Venus SBS


First off, the Northwave Venus SBS shoes were a delight to wear. According to the blurb their component materials and advantages are numerous…


Venus SBS
My Venus SBS after a bit of use


The uppers are polyurethane with airmesh inserts, which act as large side vents and provide a constant supply of fresh air. The shoes have lower channels to direct air toward the soles. I cycled through hot weather and I cycled through pouring rain and throughout, the shoes provided the right kind of temperature and comfort. Despite becoming soaking at times, they dried quickly and I didn’t have the discomfort of putting damp shoes on in the morning. Very important.


To a novice like me, I was most interested in comfort and durability and from a size perspective, they fitted like a glove and were consistently comfortable. The closure system has a fairly standard, upper buckle for micro-adjustment so that the pressure on the instep can be incrementally released and controlled. This upper buckle was essential for me, as it allowed for the required amount of adjustment dependant on the number of socks being worn! I have quite narrow feet and the adjustment buckles also provided sufficient security whilst riding without the added effect of stopping any blood flow…


Still looking good after 1100 miles...
Still looking good after 1100 miles…


The midsoles use the ‘Northwave performance advanced platform’, which has support through the arch and helps you achieve a good foot position when pedalling. The outsoles are nylon filled with fibreglass and enriched with carbon powder to add stiffness to the sole. They worked perfectly making sure my pushing led to the bike moving.


The plastic heel cup is light and rigid for added stability and also has vents to channel air out of the shoe.


Despite having been worn for 1100 miles, and predominantly white in colour, they still look remarkably new and fresh and can be easily wiped clean to re-gain their appearance. A far better look than scruffy trainers… Recommended.

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