K-Edge Chain Catcher

K-Edge Chain Catcher


K-Edge Road Chain Catcher


Dropping a chain can not only ruin your chances in a race but can also ruin your frame. The K-Edge Road Chain Catcher is a very simple solution that we think a lot of cyclists would be wise to invest in. Its definitely the little things in life that make the biggest difference…


At Madison’s Ice Bike trade show we met up with K-edge who among other things produce these pretty nifty Road Chain Catchers.


It was perfect timing as a recent incident whilst on the turbo trainer, when we dropped the chain during the interval-recovery transition, had caused a decent amount of damage to the chainstay of a Roberts steel 853 frame; not what you want really.


Obviously its not good for the health of the frame but also it can effect your confidence when you are meant to be giving everything to a set of intervals or for that matter shifting on a climb at that crucial moment mid-race… Read More>



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