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Fix It Sticks


April 2013


After spotting them on Kickstarter, we recently wrote a feature on Fix It Sticks and now have been sent some to put through their paces.


The featherweight Fix It Sticks appealed to us, as having a heavy multi-tool in your jersey pocket is, quite literally, a drag; it does nothing for your performance or your street cred swinging about behind you, stretching out your expensive racing jersey. Amazingly, many riders leave the house for their 3-hour training ride without a toolkit of any sort for that very reason and Fix It Sticks could be just what these riders have been waiting for.


Fix It Sticks packet


Whilst various combinations are available, we received the standard set which contains a 4, 5 and 6mm allen keys and a slotted (flathead) screwdriver.


There are three other options available as sets, or you can customise your own selection to suit your needs. If you want even more bling and lightweight, then you can order the titanium version…


Fix It Sticks loose


First impressions are good as ‘in the flesh’ they feel like quality items and look fantastic; the construction is solid and the aluminium’s orange anodized finish is really impressive. That orange colour should stop you losing your Fix It Sticks in the grass verge during repairs.


The actual tool end ‘bits’ are of a high quality steel and should last; permanently fixed into the aluminium sections they will not fall out. There is a decent range of tool options including Phillips screwdriver, torx (star shaped) keys, square drive, various allen keys, socket drive and so on. The only thing we can think of that’s missing is a chain breaker…


Fix It Sticks Weight


The weight is really impressive at a quarter of the weight of our current favourite lightweight multi-tool; 52gs on our scales.


Fix It Sticks


As standard you get two sticks which fit together easily to form a very useful, practical multi-tool that, despite there being a recommended 15Nm of torque limit, really allows you to generate plenty of force for most repairs.


Fix It Sticks in use


Obviously these are designed as an occasional usage tool during emergencies out of the road, but in order to provide a thorough test in a relatively short space of time, we plan to put them through their paces in the workshop and see how they hold up. We’ll report back in a couple of weeks.


Fix It Sticks fixed to pump


Initial fettling has shown how easy to use they are compared to even the simplest multi-tools, which can be fiddly. We pondered where you could go with the stick tool concept and whether at some point in the future we’ll see a mini toolkit offered by Fix it Sticks containing a dozen or so sticks with a variety of bits..?


Fix It Sticks retail from $29.99 for the basic sets. They are happy to ship internationally, which for the UK adds approximately $7 to the price, so it would cost you a competitive £23.83 for a set. For more information see the Fix It Sticks website.




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