Vittoria Rubino Pro Pink

Vittoria Rubino Pro Pink



Vittoria Rubino Pro Pink


April 2013


Vittoria celebrates its 60th Anniversary and the Giro d’Italia with a new limited edition pink Rubino Pro tyre, whilst a series of new videos shows how the Vittoria Servizio Corse Team are the ‘gaurdian angels of the peloton’…


The Rubino Pro is one of Vittoria’s best selling tyres and this special Giro pink version is the only full colour tyre in the range. Unsurprisingly Vittoria are aiming this tyre at ‘enthusiastic riders or fashion victims’ and admittedly it will go well with Rapha pink and black. As they say “If you love unique stuff and always look for special occasions, this is the one for you.”


Vittoria Rubino Giro Pink pack


Its available in a special designed double blister pack, has a durable 150 TPI casing and is acknowledged to be an all-weather tyre. The Rubino Pro Giro Pink blister pack will retail for €59,90.


Whilst the Rubino Pro Giro Pink limited edition tyre celebrates the link between Vittoria and the Giro d’Italia, a series of videos have been produced to showcase the Vittoria Servizio Corse team that performs as neutral service for all of the races operated by RCS Sport, including the Giro and the Gran Fondos in the USA.


They carry spare wheels shod with top end Vittoria tyres and spare Pinarello bikes that riders can use until they can get to their own team car – anything to keep then moving and losing as little time as possible.


As well as offering mechanical assistance, the Vittoria Servizio Corse Team can hand up bottles for thirsty riders, or even just words of encouragement for dropped riders, struggling to finish a stage and out of the limelight.


The Vittoria Servizio Corse Team provide neutral service to a riderThe Vittoria Servizio Corse Team provide neutral service to a rider


In some races the Vittoria Servizio Corse Team will field up to four cars and a motor bike to service the peloton. These are allowed on some sections where the team cars cannot go, such as the ‘white roads’ of the Strade Bianche, which would turn into a traffic jam if all of the team cars were admitted.


The Vittoria series of videos tells the story of the races through the eyes of their mechanics and drivers. We’ve chosen two, the first is a little taster of the team getting ready for the upcoming season, while the second is a tribute to all the riders that battled through some of the worst conditions at this year’s Classics, centering on Milan San Remo.


Watch and enjoy and remember, never buy a second hand car from these guys!




If you live in the US and think that you have what it takes to become a Vittoria Servizio Corse Guardian angel of the peloton then Vittoria are looking for professional mechanics with race caravan experience to help on their US events. You’ll get the chance to work alongside and learn from the best Giro d’Italia mechanics.


They are running it as a contest and to enter you have to send in a short video of 2 min or less detailing why you want join the team and show off your skills, in action as a race mechanic. The first race is the GranFondo GIRO: Five Boro (NY) USA on May 3-5.


More information can be found on the website: Vittoria Servizio Corse Website


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