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Commuter - Revolights in the UK
Tuesday, December 17th, 2013


Revolights in the UK


By Simon Whiten


Revolights are now in the UK as Revolights City Wheels


Whilst you can order direct from the US, Revolights are now available as ready made wheels in the UK from distributor PedalPedal.


We were blown away when we saw Revolights on Kickstarter and then one of our US based reviewers, Dan Saunders, first previewed and then reviewed the Revolights City earlier this year and was pretty impressed.


Revolights City Wheels

Revolights City Wheels


If you are a commuter they make so much sense and look so cool. Now to make things easier for your average commuter, just a year after the launch of Revolights, they’ve launched Revolights City Wheels.


Revolights City Wheels

Hub mounting of the Revolights City Wheels


These are a complete set of wheels with Revolights already attached to the rims, so unlike our Dan, there’s no need to go fiddling with tiny nuts and bolts on the garage floor to fit them. They are designed to go ‘straight from the box to your bike’.


Revolights City Wheels

The business end of the Revolights City Wheels


Revolights have got it spot on in our opinion as they come in fixed, single speed or Shimano freehub rear wheels, which will suit most commuters.


Revolights City Wheels

Rim mounting of the Revolights City Wheels


It is important that you check that you have the right bike to fit Revolights to – see their website for details – but assuming it’s OK, then all you have to do is attach the magnets to your stays and forks and you’re away.


Price is £399 for either a fixed, a singlespeed or a freehub.

Compare prices and buy lights from:






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