Shimano XC90 Cross Shoes

Shimano XC90 Cross Shoes


Shimano XC90 Cross Shoes


By Simon Whiten


Some of the best cross riders use the Shimano XC90 Cross Shoes, but just what makes it so good?


We’ve been reviewing cross specific shoes from Lake and Northwave, who have very differing approaches; we have looked briefly at the new Pearl Izumi shoe that may suit cyclocross; but watch any pro cross race and you’ll see a lot of riders with blue shoes – that’s the colour of the Shimano XC90.


Shimano XC90 Cross Shoe
The Shimano XC90 Cross Shoe is also available in black/blue


You could argue that these are not specific cyclcross shoes, being Shimano’s top mountain bike shoe, but try telling that to some of the best cyclo-cross riders on the planet. Just why is it so popular with them? Well here’s a nice little video from Shimano TV that goes some way to explaining the reasons why…


The XC90 has a flexible heel section for more comfortable running but retains a very stiff toe box to ensure efficient power transmission to the pedals. It’s very light (627g per pair) and the sole gives lots of grip in muddy conditions. The XC90 features the same heat moldable custom-fit as the road shoe.


Hopefully we’ll be able to answer any further questions you have with a full review before the end of the cross season.



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