Scott Plasma 3

Scott Plasma 3


Scott Plasma 3


January 2013


The Scott Plasma 3 frame used by Luke Durbridge and Orica GreenEDGE for time trialling has a good track record, including being used very successfully by now defunct, super-team Columbia High Road and setting a new Ironman World Record in 2011. Most recently it has helped Orica GreenEDGE’s Luke Durbridge to the Australian time trial championship.


The Scott Plasma 3 was developed with help from Formula 1 aerodynamics expert Simon Smart, the man also behind the development of the slippery Enve wheels.


In this video Simon Smart takes you through the Plasma 3 development process. This includes the very interesting rapid prototyping process to build frame sections which were then used in the modular construction of the test frames, allowing the engineers to quickly swap out parts of the frame in the wind tunnel to fully test the aerodynamics of each section. This is something we have not seen before and is surely worthy of attention if you are a tester out to beat your PB every week.



Obviously such speed doesn’t come cheap… Whilst you can get a Plasma 2 for about about £3500 the Scott Plasma3 Premium retails for £8299. Best make sure your legs can handle all that raw speed before making such an investment…


Scott Plasma3 Premium


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