Lightweight Fernweg Wheels

Lightweight Fernweg Wheels


Lightweight Fernweg Wheels


14th November 2012


You can’t help but think about really light weight wheels if you are a racing cyclist, imagining the effect they’d have on your performance and how you’d float around the place, seemingly defying gravity, and when it comes to light weight wheels you might just think Lightweight wheels, a brand which certainly does what it says on the tin. This video shows the new Lightweight Fernweg wheels been put through their paces – but not where you might expect…


Lightweight Fernweg Cyclo-cross bunch
Lightweight Wheels have been around for a while now and have had time to build up an enviable portfolio of high end wheels all of which are made virtually entirely of carbon.


They are not as wide as some of the new generation of aero wheels but still claim huge aero benefit from extensive wind tunnel testing, which lets face it all wheel manufacturers do nowadays.


You usually associate these wheels with pros or very affluent road racers, but what we liked about this video is that it would appear that they do all sorts of testing on their wheels, including riding punishing cyclo-cross races which is great to see.


Lightweight Fernweg Cyclo-cross jumping


It would certainly inspire confidence in your wheels if you knew they’d been through this sort of thing before you bought them, though we cannot imagine spending that much on a set of wheels and then ragging them around a muddy forest ourselves!


Lightweight Fernweg Cyclo-cross in the woods


The great thing about the cycle industry is that is full of enthusiasts working at what they love and the rider here is Lightweight’s David Bertram filmed racing in Magstadt, near Stuttgart, in southern Germany.


Lightweight Fernweg Cyclo-cross David Bertram


So after the few warm-up shots, here’s the video of David and the Lightweight Fernweg wheels in action.



Lightweight Wheels

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