2024 GB Olympic Track Bike

“Secret” footage of wind-tunnel testing being carried out by GB Cycling Team and Lotus Engineering on the GB Olympic Track Bike for Paris 2024.

Ok, it’s not really secret footage, but a little promo to whet your appetite. Lotus Engineering are working collaboratively on the GB Olympic Track Bike with the technical team from British Cycling. If there’s one thing that Lotus understands, its the importance of aerodynamics. Whether that be on two or four wheels, aero has been at the core of of every Lotus project for 75 years.

The original GB Olympic Track Bike topped the track cycling medal table in Tokyo and Lotus are refining that design. Their primary focus is on the forks plus the sprint and pursuit handlebars. While they bring all their expertise to bare on the bike’s cockpit, Hope Technology are once again providing the frame and wheels. The film was shot in the the Lotus wind-tunnel at Hethel and talks about how optimised aerodynamics is an integral part of the bike’s design.

the Lotus & Hope GB Olympic Track Bike
This is the current GB Olympic Track Bike, what will the new development look like?

Gary White, Senior Technical Specialist, Processes & Materials, Lotus, is featured in the film. He commented: “Wind tunnel sessions are a hugely important milestone in the successful development of this bike. Supported by professional athletes who can deliver consistent power and performance, it allows the Lotus and British Cycling engineers to try different combinations of components to see what works best in optimising the aero package.”

When will we get to see it?

The final design of the bike won’t be revealed until later this year. It’s unlikely to be a major change to what was an original, love-it-or-loathe-it design. More a case of refining and tweaking a winning bike. Lotus have history when it comes to radical bikes. Remember Chris Boardman’s ’92 Olympics LotusSport bike? Take a look at the HopeTechnology film about the development of the original GB Olympic Track Bike. The bike came about after what Ian Weatherill – one of Hope’s founders – described as the most expensive cup of coffee he’s ever had!

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