The Restrap Hike A Bike Harness

Here’s a clever solution to an awkward bike portage question: the Restrap Hike A Bike Harness

A harness? For my bike? Okay this may be a very niche product, but if you’re in that niche, you’ll love it. Imagine the scene, a steep, nay vertical slope. You have to get up and over it. The trail’s run out, the road is a distant memory and the climb is going to need hands and feet to conquer: and you’re carrying a bike!

Restrap Hike A Bike Harness
When not in use the Restrap Hike A Bike Harness takes up little room

This could turn a difficult section into an impassable one: or make it incredibly uncomfortable. If only you could somehow sling your bike in such a way that you could still move. Step forward Restrap and their Hike A Bike Harness.

This simple harness can be attached to your bike, ready for its moment. A quick unpack and the harness allows you to carry your bike hands-free. A restraining strap holds the front wheel in place, so you won’t get whacked by wheel or handlebars.

For riders who like to explore far from paths normally travelled, this looks to be a useful addition. Or perhaps it could make an appearance at the Three Peaks ‘cross race? Some of those climbs have riders on their hands and knees, clinging to tufts of grass. How much easier would it be with your bike securely slung? Of course other riders would have to give you a wide berth, or risk being knocked back down the slope!

Restrap Hike A Bike Harness packs very small

Who are Restrap and can I buy from them?

The Hike A Bike Harness is made from TPU coated Nylon in Restrap’s workshop. What started as a one-man band working from home has now expanded to a workshop in Leeds. All of Restrap’s range of bike-packing accessories are made in-house. This allows them to keep an eye on quality and sustainability. All their products come with a lifetime warranty and are available from their website.

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