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While the northern hemisphere’s nights get longer, darker and colder, the Watopia roadbuilders have some good news! They’ve just released news about their new routes on Zwift.

The road builders have created a new routes on Zwift for you to ride
The road builders have created new routes on Zwift for you to ride

The new routes on Zwift add nineteen kilometres to everyone’s favourite virtual island. The new route takes you around the not seen before southern coast. Here you’ll find four distinct zones, they are: Googie Springs, Evergreen Coast, Ciudad La Cumbre, and Sandy Coast. Here’s Zwift’s description of these new areas.

Googie Springs

Turn at the LAX roundabout in Fuego Flats and head through the narrow corridor and you arrive at the hamlet of Googie Springs. Named for the architecture style you’ll find just up the road in Saddle Springs, this fishing village includes the world-famous Mr Crankie’s Crab Shack.

Evergreen Coast

Up the road from Googie Springs, the trees close in around you as you enter the large Evergreen Coast section. Here you’ll see lots of Sasquatch (Bigfoot) references, an old shipwreck, Misty Pines campground, and your first two sprint segments (Woodland Sprint and Sasquatch Sprint).

Ciudad La Cumbre

Ride through the “tunnel with a view” and you’ll find yourself in Ciudad La Cumbre (“Summit City”), named as such since it’s located at the base of the Epic KOM. This Spanish-themed town includes many colorful buildings, a beautifully-tiled oceanfront walk, and even an “umbrella sky” art installation.

Sandy Coast

Another tunnel takes you out of Cuidad La Cumbre and you’re heading into the fourth and final section, the settlement of Sandy Coast. This area features distinctive colorful Mayan architecture and has two more sprint segments: Acropolis Sprint and Stoneway Sprint. Keep going and you’ll find yourself on the Jungle Circuit.

New routes on Zwift

This new road can be incorporated into eight new routes, some of which are over forty kilometres in length. Below is a list of the routes.

Accelerate to Elevate

This is a point-to-point route from Fuego Flats to the new coastal road, finishing up Alpe du Zwift. Route stats are; 41.3km distance, 1152m elevation.

The Big Ring

This large, flattish loop starts on the desert side and covers a clockwise perimeter of Watopia, sans Alpe du Zwift. Route stats are; 48.9km distance, 268m elevation.

Canopies and Coastlines

A point-to-point route that starts in Titans Grove and ends at the last sprint arch of the new coastal road. Route stats are; 27.5km distance, 246m elevation.

Coast Crusher

An out-and-back route starting in the Jungle, turning around at the desert LAX roundabout, and ending at the last sprint on the coastal road. Eight sprints! Route stats are; 42.4km distance, 208m elevation.

Going Coastal

A point-to-point route from Fuego Flats to the new coastal road, ending at Sasquatch Sprint. Route stats are; 16.5km distance, 63m elevation.

Shorelines and Summits

A large CCW loop beginning in the Jungle, hitting the new coastal road, then going up and over the Epic KOM (including Radio Tower). Route stats are; 50.1km distance, 793m elevation.

Sugar Cookie

A large CCW loop beginning in the Jungle, hitting the new coastal road, then taking the Epic KOM bypass back toward the Jungle. Route stats are 39km distance, 258m elevation.

Temple Trek

A short one starting in the Jungle and riding down the coastal road through Sandy Coast to the Acropolis Sprint. Route stats are 10.4km distance, 42m elevation.

New route badges

Each of the new routes on Zwift comes with its own route badge. If you’re into the whole gamification thing then it’s a great chance to pick up XP along with the achievement badge. It’s not just XP on the route, keep your eyes open for some new wildlife along the way. While the yeti can be seen walking the in the mountains, if you’re lucky you may catch a sight of his southern brother; sasquatch!

How to access the new routes on Zwift?

This new road and the routes that use it can be accessed as soon as you update to Zwift version 1.51+. You can then choose any of the new routes from the Watopia route list. Alternatively once you have the update, you can navigate your own way there; as long as you’re level 10. From October 30th some of the new routes will feature in the fifth stage of the Tour of Watopia. Looking for a new trainer to tackle these new routes on Zwift. Try the Zwift Hub One trainer that we looked at recently.

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