Muc-Off Ultimate Tubeless Kit

The Muc-Off Ultimate Tubeless Kit has everything you need to go inner-tube free.

Muc-Off have sent us their Ultimate Tubeless Kit to try out this spring. Inside you’ll find rim tape, sealant, stickers, two CNC-machined black tubeless valves and two pouches of No Puncture Hassle Tubeless sealant. The kits come in five different sizes, two for road, one for XC/gravel and two for downhill. You should be able to find your match amongst those.

If you’ve never tried tubeless before, then never fear! The Muc-Off Ultimate Tubeless Kit has the power of the Muc-Off How To site behind it. There you will find videos and tutorials to take you all the way through the process. They’re very clear and easy to understand and will get you up and running in no time. And they don’t just cover tubeless, there you can find hints and tips about all of Muc-Off’s products.

Muc-Off’s valves squeeze a lot of features into a small space

On with the tape

I used the kit on a new set of carbon wheels for my Handsling CEXevo. The rim-tape goes on easily, it has a little bit of stretch and can be re-applied a couple of times if you need to get it just right. When making a hole for the valve it doesn’t split, sometimes you get one running off from the hole. This can lead to an air leak, but not with Muc-Off’s tape: a good start. Muc-Off include a couple of stickers to seal off the end of the rim-tape and prevent any leaking: a case of belt and braces.

Now the valves

Next are the valves, these are CNC machined aluminium and while you can buy them singly in a rainbow of colours, these were Model-T Ford black. Which is ok, black goes with everything. They’ve got removable cores and lovely aluminium caps, which are too nice to lose. One is taller and has a built-in valve core remover, which is a nice touch. Saves rummaging around in your tool pouch out in the wilds. Three different styles of rubber based are included, so you can fine tune how they fit the inside of your rim.

The clear tape makes it easy to see the valve hole

The base has machined slots in the bottom, so they’ll work with tyre inserts and a 4mm allen key fitting. The top nut has two flat faces, so you can use a spanner on it. These two elements are really handy, I’ve had to use a hacksaw to remove a valve once when the nut corroded. Being able to unscrew a stuck nut is really handy: nice touch Muc-Off! The top nut has a concave inner face for the O ring to sit in, I think the only addition I could add would be a couple of shaped plastic washers to match odd-shaped rims.

Pour in the sealant

Once the tape, valves and tyre are on, it’s time for some sealant. The days of sealant just sealing holes is long gone, now there are many features. First off Muc-Off’s No Puncture Hassle sealant comes in a pouch that’s easy to carry: it would fit in a jersey pocket. The pouch is designed to fit a presta valve, so you can pour it straight in, almost mess free. It’s also ammonia free and can be cleaned off with water. The additives are designed with “cutting-edge molecules” to ” fill the bigger holes and tears”. It’s designed to work from 15psi-80 psi and in temperatures from -20°C to +50°C. Saving the best to last, it has a UV additive that allows you to spot leaks using a black light. So no more trying to hear a leak, or looking for soapy bubbles.

Ultimate Tubeless Kit comes with two sealant 140ml pouches
The Ultimate Tubeless Kit comes with two 140ml sealant pouches

Ultimate Tubeless Kit installed!

So that’s the Muc-Off Ultimate Tubeless Kit installed. The tyre – a 48mm Vittoria Mezcal – popped on with just a track-pump, always a good sign. I’ll be riding it around the Sussex Downs and at the Gralloch race in Scotland, both of which should feature plenty of tyre popping surfaces.

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