Hiplok Z-Lok and Z-Lok Combo

Hiplok Z-Lok and Z-Lok Combo

By Tim Wiggins

Bikepacking, cycle touring, and ultra-distance cycle racing are all rapidly growing pursuits; whilst café stops, bike errand runs, and quick pop-to-the-shop bike trips are thankfully also ever-increasing…

All these pursuits and activities require you to leave your bike unattended outside a shop or café on a frequent basis. To keep your ride safe, you need a lightweight lock that is easy to transport but will deter opportunist theft as you head inside. The Hiplok Z-Lok and Z-Lok Combo are two simple but remarkably effective bicycle locks that can fulfil this demand with colour and style.

Hiplok is a UK-based brand, who became known for their pioneering wearable chain lock (our review here). That Gold Standard lock, and the other lighter weight chain locks within their range, are well-made pieces of security equipment – but all of them are hefty in weight and bulk. The Z-Lok and Combo are a minimalist solution to a bicycle lock, and a great diversification within the brand’s line-up.

Based on the classic zip tie, the Z-Lok and Z-Lok Combo use a stainless-steel band with a ratchet cinch system to create a secure loop. The Z-Lok is released with a universal two-pronged key, while the Combo uses a
three-digit combination dial lock.

The Z-Lok uses a two pin key

You will barely notice the weight of either of the units when they are clipped to your bag or stuffed in a jersey pocket; the Z-Lok weighs just 20 grams (about half the weight of most energy bars), and the Z-Lok Combo just 70 grams.

At 400 mm length for the Z-Lok, and 430 mm length for the Combo – both the locks are long enough to reach around a pole/bike rack and a frame; secure a back wheel to a frame triangle; or secure a pannier to a rack. Other useful deployments include locking bikes to bike racks on cars, or securing luggage when travelling.

The Z-Lok Combo uses a three number combination lock

The Hiplok Z-Lok and Z-Lok combo are not going to deter anyone that comes after your bike or equipment with a pair of bolt cutters, but they will certainly avoid anyone walking off with your bike when you leave it out of
sight for a few moments.

I have personally found the locks infinitely useful on bikepacking and cycle touring trips, supplying much-needed reassurance as you travel through unfamiliar towns or leave your bike outside your tent when camping.

With a range of vibrant and funky colours, the Z-Lok and Z-Lok Combo are as ‘cool’ as bike locks come and you should have no trouble convincing style conscious riders (or children!) that it is worth carrying and using

Cinch it up. Lock it up. Keep it safe. These are a great little inexpensive accessory for any cyclist.


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