Follow // Hollow Alpaca Wool Socks

Follow // Hollow Alpaca Wool Socks
The perfect gravel cycling socks.

When it comes to road cycling the right socks are a big deal to me. The same is true of gravel cycling but I’ve struggled a bit with finding the right solution. One thing I know for sure though is that my pink socks don’t work with my gravel bike. The question is, what are the perfect gravel cycling socks?

A combination of style and performance is what makes the Follow // Hollow socks perfect for gravel cycling.

As I said in my recent cycling glasses article, style is important but performance is paramount. It wouldn’t make sense to take my road cycling socks out into the dust, dirt, and mud that I cover on my gravel bike. The bright colors and thin material wouldn’t hold up. They also wouldn’t fit the mood. What I’ve been using instead for gravel cycling are black merino wool Giro socks. They work well but they could definitely use some company in my drawer

Alpaca wool cycling socks in front of rock and grass.
The style is just right for my gravel cycling exploits.

When Follow // Hollow founder Brian Davis reached out to me I jumped at the chance to take a look at his new product. Not only did his Alpaca socks look like a great gravel cycling sock option but Brian is a man with an excellent reputation. Before jumping into Alpaca based performance clothing Brian started the successful Fix It Sticks brand. In case you haven’t heard of them, Fix It Sticks are a line of modular tools based around a T handle concept. The tools are light, and packable, but combine to also provide great leverage. It’s one of those simple, smart, designs that seems so obvious once someone else has created it. The Follow // Hollow socks seemed great and they carried with them the positive reputation of their founder. I wanted to see what these socks were all about.

close up shot showing the stitching of black alpaca wool socks.
Stitching is strong enough to hold up over the long run.

There is a long list of advantages to using Alpaca fiber but at the end of the day I’m not sure it matters much. What matters is how they perform. I’ve spent two rides in the Follow // Hollow Alpaca wool socks and each time they have been a joy. The cut is a bit longer than even most of my tall cycling socks. I haven’t measured but it would be no surprise to see them caught up in a UCI sock doping scandal. For me at least, gravel cycling is often a colder weather affair so this extra height is welcome. Taller socks give a bit more protection from cold on their own and they are more comfortable when paired with tights.

A bit of added height will keep a gap from forming between your tights and socks when riding in cold weather.

Aside from the height, one benefit of using alpaca fiber is it’s microscopic structure. Alpaca fibers are hollow and it helps move moisture away from the skin. Basically, it keeps your feet dry and at an ideal temperature. In addition to the alpaca fiber you’ll also find 5% spandex. The combination of the two makes for the right amount of compression and exceptional softness.

close up on black alpaca wool cycling socks.
The fibers are soft, stretchy, and they hold up to the dirt of gravel cycling.

Even after nearly 100 miles in a wide range of fall weather the Follow // Hollow alpaca socks remained dry and comfortable. I love the way they feel against my skin and the style is right for gravel cycling. The idea is for a full range of products under the Follow // Hollow brand name but to start off you can find the socks on kickstarter as of October 10. On Kickstarter the pricing will be 15% cheaper at $25, for one pair, and free shipping in the US. There is also availability outside of the US with an additional shipping price of $12.

Grab a pair of Follow // Hollow Alpaca wool socks on Kickstarter for 15% off retail.
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