Gripgrab Winter Cycling Cap Review

Gripgrab Winter Cycling Cap Review


Gripgrab Winter Cycling Cap Review


Simon Tuck


A review of the Gripgrab Winter Cycling Cap


Gripgrab are masters of the extremities, something they prove again with this great Gripgrab Winter Cycling Cap. It has a peak that can be worn up or down, and also good coverage round the ears and neck. This is the last item from our Gripgrab Winter bundle which we previewed here.


Gripgrab Winter Cycling Cap
Helmet straps hold the ear flap close, but not tight around the ears.


I’ve ridden lots of Winter miles and I found it was essential to use skull caps to keep my head and ears warm in cold weather. When Gripgrab sent us this Winter Cap to test, I wasn’t sure I was going to get much use out of it. As it turns out, I did, so let me tell you a bit about it. It’s made from thin windproof material, with a skirt or flap around the edge made from a softer, brushed material. If a hat is too thick it won’t fit under your helmet. You also don’t want your head to boil, so the material needs to breathe. The Gripgrab Winter Cap is a relaxed fit and won’t leave lines around your head when you take it off. It also comes in 3 different sizes, instead of a “one size fits all” approach.



The flap around the edge of the Gripgrab Winter Cycling Cap helps you regulate heat effectively. The flap isn’t tight against your head, and is instead held in place by your helmet straps. You can tuck it up if you get a bit hot. I prefer to tuck it inside, rather than outside, but that does require removal of the helmet. It looks better though. The flap gives good ear coverage and although it’s not tight, it is effective at keeping the wind at bay. The softer material of the flap doesn’t rustle in the wind. There’s also plenty of neck coverage, which I found useful when I forgot my neck tube. On freezing days I found benefit in tucking the flap into my neck tube for even better protection.


Gripgrab Winter Cycling Cap
Ear flap tucks inside if you get too warm


The peak has a dense foam pad inside it to help it keep its shape. I tend to ride with the peak flipped up and it doesn’t stay up as well as some caps. This can be less of a problem if you make sure the ear flap is pulled back from your temples slightly. There’s a reflective print on the edge of the peak, which is good for visibility.


Gripgrab Winter Cycling Cap
Peak can be folded up so you can see forward even when you’re on the drops


As a result of this test I’ve put all my skull caps in the bottom of the wardrobe. This Gripgrab Winter Cycling Cap is more comfortable. I like my ears to be warm, and this cap keeps them warm without being too tight. If I get too warm, first I can flip-up the flaps. If that’s not enough, the cap rolls up nice and small to fit in a jersey pocket, or even a saddle bag. In addition, I now realise that having a peak to block the low sun and help shield your glasses from rain splatter is a good thing.

Gripgrab Winter Cap
Folds to allow for easy storage in jersey pocket or saddle bag


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