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Wednesday, March 7th, 2018


Livall Bling Helmets


Paul Horta-Hopkins


We take a brief look at two Livall Bling Helmets.


We’ve just taken delivery of two Livall Bling Helmets, the BH51 and BH60SE. These two are more than just mere safety lids though. Packed away inside their protective shells are speakers, microphones, lights and even crash detection circuitry.


The Livall Bling BH60SE helmet

The Livall Bling BH60SE helmet


Livall have taken the safety helmet and paired it with an app that allows you to do a lot of very clever things. And what are those features? well you can make and receive hands-free calls, via the built-in microphone and helmet mounted speakers. Those same speakers and mic also allow you to communicate with other Livall Bling helmets nearby, handy for when you’re at the back of the bunch and need a ‘comfort break’!


The speakers also allow you to listen to any music that’s on your phone. That’s not a feature that would be high on my list of must-haves, but each to their own. Hidden LEDs can also be activated to make you more visible on the road, always a good thing. The LEDs also operate as turn indicators via a handlebar remote.


The Livall Bling BH51 helmet

The Livall Bling BH51 helmet


Finally, crash detection circuitry will send an emergency text alert to a nominated contact if you crash. You have a ninety second window to cancel the alert if the incident is not life-threatening. So make sure you get that phone out before the other half gets a fright!


Although the BH51 and BH60SE have the same electronic ‘gubbin’s inside, they are very different on the outside. The BH51 is more of a commuter/casual helmet, while the BH60SE has a more of a performance look. Let’s take a look at the BH51 first.


This exploded image shows just how much is packed in under the shell

This exploded image shows just how much is packed in under the shell


The BH51 weighs approximately 398g, which isn’t the lightest out there. However Livall say it’s designed for bicycle, skateboard, roller-skating, hoverboard and E-bike, so will probably need a more robust shell to deal with a tougher life. The skateboard style helmet will probably appeal to many that don’t like modern, sporty helmets; not everyone is a pro-wannabe!


The BH60SE looks a lot more like your usual race helmet and comes with all the features you’d expect. Livall use unibody moulding to join a polycarbonate exterior to an EPS foam interior. Twenty-four vents spread over the helmet create a very open looking helmet, should prevent any overheating. Inside there’s plenty of removable padding on the interior, even on the rear tension pad.


We’ll be trying out theses Livall Bling helmets to see how they work out on the road; hopefully not the crash detection facility! Have a look at Livall’s promo videos below for a better look.






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