Dexshell Waterproof Socks
Dexshell Waterproof Socks

Dexshell Waterproof Socks Preview


Dexshell Waterproof Socks Preview


Simon Tuck


Here’s a preview of some socks from Dexshell just in time for Winter.


Last year Dexshell sent me some brilliant items to keep my hands and head warm. This year they’ve put the icing on the cake and sent me some socks to try out. There’s 2 different types of socks to take me into Winter degree by chilling degree. Each of the pairs of socks they’ve sent has Dexshell’s magical Porelle membrane so they’re all 100% waterproof without the plastic bag feeling of some other brands I’ve tried. They also didn’t forget about my neck, I’m sure you’ll agree a decent neck warmer can be a life saver in the cold. They sent me their ‘multi-functional neck warmer’.


Dexshell Waterproof Socks

There’s no such thing as bad weather?


Dexshell Thermlite Sock


I’ll start with the most heavy duty socks I’ve got in the box, the Thermlite socks. These are in a colour called Tangelo Red, which is more like a deep orange to my eyes. These socks are quite similar to the Thermfit gloves I tested last year and have already got out on a few rides this year. The Porelle layer is present so that means they’re waterproof, windproof AND breathable. The essential element of these socks is the merino liner. The merino liner helps with odour control and keeping your feet warm, as well as wicking any sweat away from your skin. These socks go up to mid calf.


Dexshell Thermlite Socks

Dexshell Thermlite Socks are the heavy duty option


Dexshell Ultra Thin Sock


Ultra thin is a comparative term here. They’re thinner than the thermlite socks, but they’re not as thin as a ‘summer’ sock. There’s some new colour options for this winter. Something you’ll be interested in if you do wear ¾ tights, or you choose to have your socks outside your tights so people can see them. The ultra thin socks have Dexshell’s porelle membrane. So that’s a big tick for waterproof, windproof and breathable. Slightly different to the Thermlite socks though, they have a bamboo rayon liner. This means that it’s not quite as warm maybe as the thermlite, but bamboo still has insulating, sweat absorbing and anti-bacterial properties and they’re cheaper than the thermlites too. I expect these to be a better general purpose sock than the thermlite. These ultra thin socks are one of Dexshell’s most popular sock.


Dexshell Ultra Thin crew Socks

Dexshell Ultra Thin crew Socks for when its wet but not that cold


Dexshell Multi-functional Neckwarmer


New this Winter is a multi-functional neckwarmer. There’s no fancy membranes here, it’s 100% polyester. You can use it as a headband, beanie, neckwarmer or balaclava and probably loads of other things that the designers didn’t envisage. I love a good neckwarmer for Winter. I find thin ones work best just to keep the chill off, and they can then be doubled over, or rolled to provide more protection if needed. It’s a good addition to the range. It’s quite stretchy and the close knit material should be fine for keeping draughts away from your neck. Because I know Dexshell do listen to suggestions I’m going to say here that I’d like to see this simple product with more colour options soon. Neckwarmers can get quite dirty so it makes sense to have darker colours, but I’d love to see one that matched the orange thermfit gloves!


Dexshell neck warmer

Dexshell neck warmer. Not waterproof but still essential for Winter


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