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Sunglasses - Ekoi Guerra Sunglasses Preview
Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Ekoi Guerra Sunglasses Preview


Simon Tuck


A preview of the Ekoi Guerra Sunglasses with photochromatic lenses.


These half frame, deep lensed glasses come sold as the preferred choice of French Pro cyclist Nacer Bouhanni, who will race with Cofidis again this season. Who could argue with that? Well, with his boxing credentials best not to argue with him.


The Ekoi Guerra glasses, as worn by the pugnacious Nacer Bouhanni

The Ekoi Guerra glasses, as worn by the pugnacious Nacer Bouhanni


The Guerra Sunglasses can be customised just like most of Ekoi’s range of sunglasses, clothing, shoes and helmets. The ones I’ve been sent are thankfully not the Gold Bouhanni tribute edition, but are a more sensible white half frame with black accents, feel free to choose whatever mix of colours you want from the website.


The photochromatic lenses on the test pair are cat 1-2 and are 100% UV rated. With a polycarbonate lenses and a frame made of polycarbonate which has high UV, chemical and scratch resistance, these glasses should cope with a bit of abuse. You can buy the nose gripper separately if you wish to have different colours, or in the event of damage. There are other lenses available in a cat 3 tint, which is darker and you can again choose from a good selection of colours – red, black, blue or green. Ekoi also sell optical inserts so you can use prescription lenses with these sunglasses.


I noticed the branding on the lenses and it’ll be interesting to see whether it’s noticeable in use as I have impressive peripheral vision. Paul didn’t seem to have any problems when he tested some other Ekoi sunglasses that had similar logos on. I’m quite impressed by the coverage of the lenses, they seem to be quite deep and wide and should give good all round visibility. The arms seem quite stiff out of the box, but the nose piece is quite adjustable. I’ll let you know how comfortable in my review.





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