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Reviews - Continental Attack Comp & Force Comp Tubulars
Friday, April 10th, 2015


Continental Attack Comp & Force Comp Tubulars


Simon Whiten


Preview of the Continental Attack Comp and Force Comp Tubulars


Tyres can be pretty similar from one to the next. Fortunately most work really well nowadays. Tubular tyres are still much more unpredictable than their clincher cousins, as they are often made by the same traditional build methods pioneered over half a century ago. Not so the Contiental Attack and Force Comp which are thoroughly modern in technology, construction and appearance. Conti’s unique set-up of having a differential front and rear tyre may have been around for a while now but it is certainly different to all other tubs you can buy…


Continental Attack Force Comp


At the time of launch a few years ago now, this was a different concept in cycling and seems like a logical approach, after all it’s commonplace in motorcycle racing where a wider rear tyre provides more drive traction than the narrower, more aero and more manoeuvrable front tyre.
Continental Attack Force Comp
Continental tell us that the Attack Comp and the Force Comp tubulars were created to meet the demands of the ProTour teams they sponsor and fittingly they are certainly a much more substantial set of tubs than any others I have ever had; by that I actually mean that upon inspection they look and feel tough. This is certainly a very reassuring feature especially when you are faced with a road race on less than perfect roads. I can imagine pros loving them.
Continental Attack Force Comp
The narrow front, wide rear is known as Conti’s Tire Positioning System (TPS). Up front Continental spec the narrower 22mm, 240g Attack Comp, with the promise of improved aerodynamics and increased agility via a faster transition from centre tread to shoulder as you enter into corners.
Continental Attack Force Comp

At the rear, the 260g Force Comp is wider at 24 mm. As on a motorbike, it’s designed to provide a larger contact area with the road for both better power transfer and lower rolling resistance. All makes sense.
Continental Attack Force Comp
Interestingly Conti then go on about a ‘higher service mileage and a higher level of comfort thanks to the wider casing’, which is refreshing when discussing tubulars. Almost exclusively now they are seen as high performance, uncompromising, expensive and disposable. It seems that Continental have attempted to create a truly modern tubular designed to work well in conjunction with modern stiff racing bikes, which includes adding some comfort.
As a nod towards tradition, the Attack and Force Comp are hand sewn in Korbach, Germany, with Conti’s BlackChili Compound on top and puncture protection below via a Vectran Breaker, the latter made from melted Vectra Liquid Crystal Polymer. Conti remind us that ‘Vectran is lightweight, extremely durable, resistant to water is five times stronger than steel’.
Continental Attack Force Comp
We have stuck these tubs onto a set of thoroughly modern tubular wheels and have already been racing on them. So far so good but check back soon for the full review.
GP Attack / GP Force Tyre Set £129.95
GP Attack £72.95
GP Force £72.95

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