Road Cycling Shoes

Road Cycling Shoes


Road Cycling Shoes


By Simon Whiten


An overview of most of the best road cycling shoes…


Shoes are one of the cycling items where you can always grab a bargain; retailers often sell older models off at heavily discounted prices to make way for new stock, even though the newer model may offer only minor changes.


So if you are after better shoes and don’t mind that it is not this year’s model, then you can easily upgrade without spending a fortune. A smart, new pair of shoes to replace last season’s slippers will certainly give you a positive psychological boost.


Recently, we came across a guy who had bought nine different pairs of shoes, at some considerable cost, before finally finding a comfortable fit that he liked, and even then he couldn’t fasten his shoes at all tightly. It made us think that we should look into the issues of shoes a bit more closely to try to make matching a shoe to your foot a bit easier, so here’s our guide to choosing the best road cycling shoes… Read More >


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