Wheel Wellies

Wheel Wellies



Wheel Wellies


June 2013


Wheel Wellies are designed to keep mucky wheels and tyres away from clean car interiors. Of course wheel covers and wheel bags are nothing new, they have been around for years, but usually with the aim being to protect your wheels from possible damage sustained in transportation and storage.


Wheel Wellies Pack Shot


Wheel bags are much more common now and often you get a free pair with decent wheels. Wheel covers, which just cover the tyre and rim, are a bit more 80’s and in truth we haven’t seen any for a while.


Wheel Wellies have cleverly taken the concept of wheel covers and turned it inside out. Rather than touting them as protection for your wheels, which obviously they will still afford, they are aiming them at those of us (all of us?) that drive to cycling events in our nice clean cars and then bemoan the state of our boots afterwards, having placed a dirty bike and wheels into it after a messy event. This could be a wet road race, a cyclo-cross mud bath or a session out on the trails. It all adds up to mud, grime and gunk in your boot.


Wheel Wellies Unpacked


The idea of Wheel Wellies is simple. Get your messy wheel, stick a cover around it and protect your car’s boot, so that when you load the shopping in a couple of days later you don’t have to dust off layers of dry mud.


Wheel Wellies instructions


As such they make a lot of sense.


Wheel Wellies fitting


So we are sold on the concept but aim to find out just how they work in practice. We’ll report back shortly.


For more information, see the Wheel Wellies website.




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