Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 7.0

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 7.0



The frame weighs just 790g, and though with the finishing kit used in this 7.0 build its hard to fully appreciate just how light that is, this complete bike is by no means heavy. You just get a much better idea of frame lack-of-weight when you get to lift one built up with SRAM Red as we did at Canyon HQ; its very, very light.


Canyon SLX Shot


The frame has some very clever features. As well as using carbon fibre dropouts front and rear, Canyon have tried to make the frame lighter by reducing its surface area, and thereby requiring less material; increasing the tube size at the junctions, and in the steering tube and the bottom bracket, then reducing diameters in the middle of the tubes has helped them achieve this.


Canyon Top Tube


The aesthetics of the frame are immaculate with the popular stealth finish and concealed cables giving it a really tidy look. Its typically German; like a Porsche it looks powerful, business-like and purposeful with none of the show that you might expect with Italian frames.


Canyon Downtube


Despite the lower headtubes on the latest generation of Canyons lessening the impression of a muscular hyena-of-a-bike, all the beef is still up front, a look enhanced by the relatively svelte rear triangle. It promises huge stiffness.


Canyon SLX




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