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Pro Cyclocross Tech


Pro Cyclocross Tech


Peter Cole and Vince Halpern


Peter and Vince were at the Koksijde World Cup to see what they could spot by way of interesting Pro Cyclocross Tech…


However, for the traditionalists of European cyclocross, there’s nothing massively radical.


The established cyclocross tyre brands like Dugast, Challenge and Clement still dominate and disc brakes, whilst present, are are yet to make-up even 10% of all the race bike stopping power at this level. You could argue that all the riders are on carbon frames; or that Shimano Di2 is very prevalent; that riders are running new 11-speed groupsets; or that carbon wheels adorn every single race bike; but none of that is really unproven is it?


If anything it just goes to show that, at this level, the pro rider wants to be sure that they will finish the race, so reliability is all important. These guys and gals are supremely fit, and, as long as you get your tyre choice right, you know it’s definitely not going to be about the bike… Read More >














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