Challenge Gravine

The Gravine is the latest addition to Challenge’s range of gravel tyres.

Challenge’s latest gravel tyre comes in two versions, the Gravine and Gravine XP. These tyres are designed for muddy or rocky terrain. This can be seen in the tall, open tread, which is designed to clear mud and still grip on loose, rocky surfaces. Inspiration for the tyre’s tread came from Challenge’s experience in the world of cyclo-cross.

The latest gravel tyre from Challenge, the Gravine
The latest gravel tyre from Challenge, the Gravine

The tyre’s aggressive tread pattern sits it at the ‘extreme’ end of Challenge’s gravel range. The other tyres are the Strada Bianca, Gravel Grinder and Getaway. The Strada Bianca – as you may have guessed – is named after the Italian semi-classic that runs over those famous ‘white’ roads. The Gravel Grinder and Getaway add more grip with each model.

Challenge says these tyres are designed “to push the boundaries of gravel further, allowing for totally new adventures.” While there is plenty of grip available, there’s also a fast-rolling centre tread. This hopefully means it won’t feel too tractor-like when you hit the tarmac.

The Gravine XP features and extra layer of bead to bead protection called CORAZZO ARMOR GOLD
The XP features and extra layer of bead to bead protection called CORAZZO ARMOR GOLD

Natural rubber and hand-made

Feel is an important part of any of Challenge’s tyres. For this reason the Challenge uses natural rubber for their tread, which are then glued to the carcass. All this is done by hand and avoids the heat associated with vulcanisation that most manufacturers use. Applying heat to natural rubber would harden and dry it, reducing it’s ability to grip and roll well.

The Gravine XP differs from the Gravine with its extra layer of tightly woven material, called Corazzo Armor Gold. This is in addition to the Corazzo Armor Silver protection layer and the GANZO PPS puncture protection strip. Additionally there’s a chafer strip to protect the side of the tyre from being damaged by the rim’s edge. Both version are also tubeless ready.

Technical Information

SMARTplus COMPOUND: This is a gravel-specific tread compound, made of special higher durometer, natural SMARTplus rubber. While providing reduced wear and enhanced durability, the SMARTplus rubber compound still retains its natural properties and offers improved shock-absorption, better grip and control, and reduced rolling resistance.

GANZO PPS – Puncture Protection System: Both tyres feature the GANZO PPS puncture protection system. A tight weave, multi-component, puncture protection, narrow, special fabric placed between the rubber tread and the casing.

CORAZZA ARMOR SILVER : This is a double, wide 260TPI polyester ply casing wrapped around the bead, that delivers maximum sidewall protection.

CORAZZA ARMOR GOLD: Exclusive feature of the XP tire range is the Corazza Armor Gold, which increases the tire’s puncture protection and robustness further, by including an additional Bead-to-Bead layer of tightly woven material. The additional layer reinforces the entire tire and makes the GRAVINE XP a great tire for more endurance riding or simply a more dependable tire on more rugged terrains, in multiple and adverse conditions.

CHAFER ARAMID BEAD PROTECTION STRIP: The GRAVINE includes a bead protection outer strip that enhances tire longevity against the rim. This reduces the effects of rubbing against the rim’s bead hooks. Additionally, the black chafer line acts as a visual confirmation that the tire bead has been properly seated all-around the rim.

The Challenge Gravine comes in black/tan or plain black, both colour-ways are available in 40 or 45mm widths. The Challenge Gravine XP come in black only and is also available in 40 or 45mm widths.

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