Red Water Proof Kit Bags

Red Water Proof Kit Bags, tough luggage for tough rides!

Red started back in 2008 making SUPs and have gone on to be a well respected brand in the Paddleboard world. Amongst all their SUPs, changing-robes and pumps they have a range of Water Proof Kit Bags. These caught my eye after I’d suffered through a very wet and muddy gravel race.

Post wet and muddy race, there’s nothing worse than the unpleasant kit removal that follows. If you’re one of those fortunate riders that has access to a large vehicle to disrobe in, then you’re lucky. You can get undressed in the dry and not have to stand shivering, trying to protect your modesty in a water-soaked field.

Last weekend I was in exactly that position by my partner’s brand new car. I was trying to figure out how to get changed without covering the leather in rich brown Dorset mud. If only I had a clean surface to step onto, I could start the process, keeping the mud on the field. Instead I was forced to perform in-car contortions that covered the interior in mud!

The mat that comes with Red's Water Proof Kit Bags give a clean surface to change on
The mat that comes with Red’s Water Proof Kit Bags give a clean surface to change on

Easy Changing

The Water Proof Kit Bags from Red would have made the whole process a little easier. While they wouldn’t have kept me warm – or protected my modesty – they do have some handy features. The one that caught my eye is the change mat that comes with all these bags. The idea is that it gives you a clean, dry and soft surface to stand on while you’re changing. There’s nothing worse than cleaning off your legs and then having to stand back on to muddy grass. Come the summer it would also be useful to protect your feet from hot, stony ground: I can only dream about the summer at the moment!

For me, I think the best combination would be one of these Water Proof Kit Bags and a Red changing robe. The robe would mean not having to scare the locals while removing my kit. Meanwhile the bag would give me a clean surface to stand on and somewhere to chuck that kit.

Water Proof Kit Bags Specs

These technical Water Proof Kit Bags have an IPX7 waterproof rating. This means they remain waterproof for 30 minutes under one meter of water. Which means I won’t have to panic when carrying my gear in yet another winter deluge. It will also prevent my dry, post-race clothes getting soaked when I throw my wet kit on top of the bag…

Compression straps on the Water Proof Kit Bags at either end help keep things in place
Compression straps at either end help keep things in place

The bag is made from recycled, TPU coated, Armour Tech nylon, which makes for a tough, waterproof bag. The zips are 100% waterproof and all seams are welded. Inside, there is a large central compartment, with an external wet/dry pocket. The latter means you can stow your dirty kit and not have to worry about it mixing with your dry clothing. Additionally this pocket is padded, so you can safely store your electronics.

Outside, you also have a large mesh pocket that allows you to carry a drinks bottle or similar. Compression straps can be used to keep your gear from rattling around when not fully loaded. The detachable shoulder-straps can be attached in different combinations allowing you to carry it as a back-pack, duffel or shoulder-bag.

Sizes and Pricing

The Red Water Proof Kit Bags range comes in three sizes, 40, 60 or 90 litres. Red have called them, Mission, Get Away and Expedition. Pricing is £149.95 for the Mission, £169.95 for the Get Away and £199.95 for the Expedition. Take a look at the links below for more details. We’ll try and get hold on one of these bags and let you know what they’re like.

90L Expedition The Big Daddy of the trio!

60L Getaway – The mid-sized 60L ‘Getaway’ Waterproof Kit Bag

40L Mission – For micro-adventurers!

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