WHOOP Coach and OpenAI

WHOOP Coach, an OpenAI powered coach on your wrist.

The WHOOP wearable has been around for a while now, you’ve probably see the bands and thought “how do they tell the time?” They don’t! That’s because the WHOOP band is all about measuring your metrics; heart-rate, sleep and activity. It’s not a sport watch, it’s a fitness tracker and with the addition of advanced generative AI, WHOOP Coach could be about to revolutionise wearables.

Looking at WHOOP’s press-release, the new system – called WHOOP Coach – will look at your goals and unique biometric data such as strain, sleep, health, stress and reference it against the latest performance science. Once it’s done this, it will then be able to generate responses to your health and fitness questions. You can ask it “what kind of training should I do today?” Or “why am I so tired?”

No more having to miss a race because you’re ill. It could also help you peak for an important event: nothing worse than peaking too early. Could Whoop Coach help you avoid overtraining or warn you of impending illness? All this advice will be available via the app in seconds and in fifty different languages

WHOOP has been using machine learning to help members better understand their data for some time now. By using GPT-4 – OpenAI’s most advanced generative AI system – WHOOP Coach will take a revolutionary step forward, offering the most personalised, on-demand health and fitness coaching available today.

Quotes from WHOOP

“There’s been a lot of hype about the promise of AI,” said Will Ahmed, Founder and CEO of WHOOP. “WHOOP Coach actually delivers on it. With the launch of WHOOP Coach, we’re now offering on-demand, personalised health and fitness coaching. This is the first of its kind and it will transform our members’ relationship with their data.” 

“Integrating AI into the health and personal performance space can enable even more value from wearable technology,” said Brad Lightcap, COO of OpenAI (and long-time WHOOP member). “WHOOP Coach is an exciting application of GPT-4, and we’re eager to learn from WHOOP members on how our models are helping to unlock human performance.” 

At the moment WHOOP Coach is the only resource of its kind to offer distinct and unique responses based on a member’s individual data. The more data WHOOP Coach collects, the more detailed and effective its responses will become. You can track over 140 custom behaviours – from diet to medication – in your WHOOP journal. With this data the AI can let you see how your behaviour affects your training. It could cure you of those bad habits that you’ve been meaning to tackle for ages. Having it spelled out in front you could be the impetuous you need to sort it.

What can WHOOP Coach do?

Below are some of the things you can ask your WHOOP Coach, taken from their website;

  1. Bespoke training plans and recommendations: Get custom-designed plans, routines, recipes, recommendations and more that address your body and your goals. 
  2. I have a 5k next month with a goal of running it in 24 minutes. Can you build me a training programme? Or How can I maintain my fitness level with a newborn baby?
  3. Insight into the unknown: WHOOP Coach sifts through thousands of your data points to identify why you’re feeling the way you are – and exactly what affects performance. 
  4. Why am I so tired? Am I getting sick?
  5. Expansive information on key performance topics: Better understand key performance science concepts and topics. 
  6. What is HRV? Or Why is Zone 2 training important?
  7. Detailed comparisons to people like you : Understand what is normal or how you stack up to other members
  8. How does my sleep compare to other people my age? 


WHOOP calls itself a human performance company that “offers a wearable health and fitness coach to help people achieve their goals.” WHOOP was founded in 2012 by Will Ahmed. The WHOOP band comes in multiple colour-ways or you can wear it embedded in your clothing. WHOOP works as a subscription based system, you can get a free one-month trial and then pick a plan that suits you. We’ll see if we can try out the new WHOOP Coach and will let you know if it cures our late night gaming sessions!

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