Zwift Climb Portals

Zwift Climb Portals mimic real world climbs, but with out of this world graphics!

Zwift is always looking to add new challenges to keep us pedalling through their virtual worlds. The latest are the Zwift Climb Portals. These are in-game gateways that will take you straight to famous climbs. But unlike the fully rendered landscapes complete with squirrels and yetis, these are simpler. The roads will be represented by a solid ribbon floating in space. The colour of the road will change depending on the climb’s difficulty, going from green to red. Looking at some of the images, having no landscape means you can clearly see the climb. This might help with pacing as you can look ahead and see how the climb’s difficulty changes.

There will be two portals, one on the France map and another on the volcano in Watopia. You can either ride to them in-game or choose them from the menu. In July the portals will take you to climbs being used by the men’s and women’s Tour de France. Climbs like the Col du Tourmalet, which will feature in the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift for the first time. The Tourmalet has been tackled by the men 88 times since 1910 and seen some legendary battles.

Available from 30 June

You will be able to tackle these climbs from 30th June ’23. And during July you can tackle the Zwift Climb Portals First Ascent Challenge. To complete the mission you will need one climb per stage between June 30 and July 30. ​​There will be two stages each of which will offer Zwifters four different climbs to choose from: the Cote de Trébiac, Col des Aravis, Col d’Aspin, and Puy de Dome for stage one. And for stage two, choose between Cote de Domancy, Cote de Pike, Col du Platzerwasel, and Col du Tourmalet.

While the launch will feature climbs from this year’s men’s and women’s Tour de France, new routes will be added every two weeks. This will give riders a chance to experience some of the world’s most famous climbs, virtually. Not having to create a whole new map for each climb makes this process a lot easier and quicker. It will be interesting to see how Zwifters feel about riding in these colourful, but simple worlds. Below are July’s routes, maybe you could ride them at the same time as the pros and see how you compare?

The Routes:

Stage 1: June 30-July 30

  • Short: Cote de Trebiac—3.4 km at 5.8%
    Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift Stage 2 on July 24, 2023
    Stage 2 of the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift brings an exciting climb in the final kilometres, perfect for riders to make their move. Get ahead of the pack and experience this thrilling ascent yourself in Climb Portal.
  • Short: Col des Aravis—4.4 km at 6%
    Tour de France Stage 15 on July 16, 2023
    Experience the Col des Aravis—a renowned climb featured over 40 times in the Tour de France. Conquer this ascent in Climb Portal before the pros do in Stage 15 on July 16.
  • Long: Col d’Aspin—12 km at 6.5%
    Tour de France Stage 6 on July 6, 2023
    Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift Stage 7 on July 29, 2023
    Climb Col d’Aspin—a Tour de France staple with 70+ appearances since 1910 and a pivotal climb on Stage 7 of the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift. Take on the challenge in Climb Portal and experience the thrill of this historic ascent yourself.
  • Long: Puy de Dome—10.5 km at 8%
    Tour de France Stage 9 on July 9, 2023
    Climb a piece of Tour de France history on Puy de Dome in Climb Portal. Closed since 1988, this historic climb makes a triumphant return to the Tour. Ascend its switchbacks, then watch the pros take it on in Stage 9 on July 9.

Climb spiciness!

Stage 2: June 30-July 30

  • Short: Cote de Domancy—2.6km at 8.6%
    Tour de France Stage 16 on July 18, 2023
    Cote de Domancy: a legendary climb named after Bernard Hinault. With its demanding gradient, it’s sure to be a key moment in the Tour’s only time trial on Stage 16. Tackle it yourself in Climb Portal and catch the action of Stage 16 on July 18.
  • Short: Cote de Pike—2 km at 10%
    Tour de France Stage 1 on June 30, 2023
    Join us for a thrilling start to the Tour de France and the first Climb Portal route! Stage 1 on June 30 features the brutal Cote de Pike—a 2 km ascent with a 10% gradient. Expect time gaps and an exciting finish. Try it yourself, then watch the pros in action.
  • Long: Col du Platzerwasel—7.1km at 8.4%
    Tour de France Stage 20 on July 22, 2023
    Create your own fireworks in Climb Portal as you climb the final ascent of the Tour de France—Col du Platzerwasel. And get ready for some nail-biting action as the GC contenders battle it out on this climb on July 22.
  • Long: Col du Tourmalet—16.9 km at 7.4%
    Tour de France Stage 6 on July 6, 2023
    Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift Stage 7 on July 29, 2023
    Experience one of the most famed climbs in Tour history, the Col du Tourmalet, in Climb Portal. With over 85 appearances since 1910, this monumental climb offers a serious challenge for riders of all levels. Test your skills before watching the men attack it on Stage 6 and the women on Stage 7.

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