Maxalami Tubeless Repair System Preview

Maxalami Tubeless Repair System Preview


Maxalami Tubeless Repair System Preview


Simon Tuck


Here we look at the Maxalami repair system for tubeless tyres


Tubeless tyres have become quite standard on mountain bikes now, and manufacturers are producing a better selection of tubeless road rims and tyres. What do you do if your tubeless tyre has a puncture that’s too big for the sealant to seal? Maxalami believe they have the answer


The name of this product is very descriptive. You might be imagining a type of sausage usually found on a continental breakfast bar, or the crazy little cartoon figure that is a ‘bit of an animal’. Either way you will not be surprised when you see a picture of this innovative product.


Maxalami tubeless tyre repair kit
Maxalami tubeless tyre repair kit


As a motorcyclist in a previous life the idea of plugging a hole in a tyre is not something new. As a bicyclist who hasn’t really used tubeless tyres much, Maxalami is the sort of thing that will push me towards adopting them. Basically these Maxalami, or tyre worms as they are also known, are used if you get a puncture in your tubeless tyre that the sealant can’t seal. You take out any offending foreign object and insert a ‘worm’ using the provided tool. As you hold the worm and take the tool out, the worm stays in and seals the hole. Easy right? These have been tested up to 140psi. At first you end up with a bit of the product sticking out of your tyre, but it soon wears off leaving a flat and tidy repair zone.


Maxalami tyre repair system
Put it in carefully or you’ll damage your rim tape


The manufacturer recommends aiming the tool away from the rim to avoid damaging the rim tape. It might be wise to top up with tubeless sealant at the earliest opportunity. The tyre worms come in 1.5mm and 3.5mm diameter. An experienced user told me that with the help of superglue and multiple worms you can plug quite significant holes using these Maxalami.
We’re going to have some of these to test so watch this space and keep your fingers crossed that the tester gets some punctures! No real worms, or salamis have been or will be harmed during this test, honest.





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