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News - Zipp Tangente Speed Tubeless Tyres
Monday, June 12th, 2017


Zipp Tangente Speed Tubeless Tyres


Paul Horta-Hopkins


Zipp Tangente Speed RT25 and RT28 road tubeless tyres


Zipp enters the tubeless road tire market with the new Tangente Speed RT25 and Tangente Speed RT28. Seeing as they have a selection of tubeless wheels ready – 303 Firecrest and 30 Course – it made sense for them to make a tyre to fit them.


Zipp Tangente tubeless


Zipp claim that the new tyres have the “best-in-class performance among tubeless road tires available today”. Rolling resistance, dry and overall cornering grip were tested by an independent lab. Lab results showed the Tangente Speed came out top when compared to other major brands.


The new tyres are modelled after Zipp’s road clincher tyres, the Tangente Speed R28, Course R28 and Course R30. The new tubeless Zipp Tangente Speed RT25 and RT28 feature the same tread pattern as these clinchers. With the introduction of these new tyres, Zipp have a full lineup of tubular, clincher and now high-performance tubeless tyres.


Zipp Tangente tubeless


The new tyres are available in 25mm and 28mm sizes and have a 127TPI nylon casing, with a Polyamide puncture protection layer under the tread. Max tyre pressures are 115PSI for the RT25 and 100PSI for the RT28. Being tubeless you’ll be able to run them at lower pressures than normal, without having to worry about snake-bite punctures. Interestingly Zipp say no tyre levers are needed nor recommended for installation! My experience of tubeless installation says tyre levers are always needed. If this is the case I’ll be very happy.


An independent lab tested the Tangente Speed tyres against other brands

An independent lab tested the Tangente Speed tyres against other brands


Claimed weights for the tyres are 292g for the RT25
 and 302g for the RT28. These are wider tyres, following the trend of offering better rolling resistance and higher cornering grip. The Tangente Speed RT28 is also the best match, aerodynamically, for the 303 Firecrest wheel.


Zipp say the RT25 will be available from June 2017, with the RT28 coming out in August. Prices will be around $74/€84. We will try to get some to review and will let you know as soon as we do.


Zipp Tangente Speed R28 Folding Clincher Tyre


Zipp Tangente Speed Tubeless


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