Convert 10-speed wheels to 11-speed

Convert 10-speed wheels to 11-speed


Convert 10-speed wheels to 11-speed


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Don’t sell them before you explore how to easily convert 10-speed wheels to 11-speed


This one will just not go away. Riders are still continually asking how to convert their 10-speed wheels to 11-speed. Well despite it being around for a while now, few riders seem to know about the EDCO Monoblock, which may be the perfect solution, so read on.

The EDCO Monoblock is a single piece cassette, machined from a solid block of cold-forged chromoly steel. The honeycomb design allows for maximum material removal while maintaining strength. It is heat-treated, tumble-finished, and electroplated for added durability and lower friction. Weights are between 155g and 226g. There are shifting ramps and profiled teeth for smooth and consistent shifts.
If you have a set of 10-speed wheels that you’d like to use with a new 11-speed group set, the Monoblock’s design allows it to be mounted on a 10-speed freehub body when used in conjunction with a special “Ten+Eleven” locknut which you have to purchase separately. The only 10-speed wheels you cannot use it with are Shimano 7801 cassette bodied wheels, as the taller spines do not allow any cassette to be used apart from Shimano Dura-Ace 10 speed from the same period.
EDCO Monoblock
Monoblock Cassettes are priced at £169.99 for 11 Speed Shimano/SRAM or 11 Speed Campagnolo. This seems a very reasonable price to save an expensive pair of 10-speed wheels.

There is also the Token 11:10 Cassette, though we cannot find anyone selling this in the UK. The UK importer does not even list it. Again it has been around for a while and few people seem to know about it, so perhaps, somewhat surprisingly considering how often we are asked about this, demand was poor?

Token have a CNC machined cassette, made from a single block of steel, with a lovely carbon carrier. We are told the cassette is light, durable and shifts smoothly every time precise tolerances. Weight is 158g for an 11-23, 170g for an 11-25, and 185g for 11-28.
Token 11:10 Cassette
It will fit on any 9, 10 or 11-speed cassette bodies, meaning you can run your new 11-speed drivetrain without needing to replace your (really) old wheelset or cassette body. It will fit 11-speed cassette bodies with the use of a shim.

Token 11:10 Cassette

There’s a couple of good videos here about the EDCO Monoblock.


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