POC AVIP Rain Jacket Review

POC AVIP Rain Jacket Review


POC AVIP Rain Jacket Review


Mark Tearle


The POC AVIP Rain Jacket gets a thorough testing in some of December and January’s most filthy conditions.


I introduced the POC AVIP Rain Jacket and POC’s AVIP concept (Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection) back in late November last year – I didn’t think I would make quite as much use of this jacket as I have done – the UK has been gripped by some of the wettest weather we have seen on record – but, silver linings (or in this case Zink orange coveralls) I’ve had a good chance to really give this rain jacket a proper testing. 


So far the jacket has held up and held up well, more so than could really be expected I think, and through the weather we have been experiencing in the UK I am glad that the jacket has been so effective. As we push further into winter I wonder if the jacket will withstand the further ravages of road spray and other ghastlies being flung off the roads. I could buy some mudguards I suppose.


Aesthetically I really like the cut of this jacket. The bright, almost luminescent, ‘Zink’ orange is a real favourite of mine, and since the colours on my bike are orange, blue and black this is a perfect match.


I have been testing a medium, which has been a perfect fit for me, internet size guides are always a gamble for brands you are not familiar with, but the POC size guide in this case was accurate. The jacket and it’s construction make it a well fitting, comfortable and quite flattering piece of cycling apparel…Read More >







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