Foldylock Compact Preview


Foldylock Compact Preview


Paul Horta-Hopkins


We take a brief look at the Foldylock Compact.


The inventors of the Seatylock have a new take on their folding lock mechanism, the Foldylock Compact. The Seatylock was a novel solution to the problem of locking your bike and securing your saddle. Seatylock’s answer was to turn the saddle into part of the locking mechanism. Taking the folding link system that was at the heart of the Seatylock, they have produced a range of locks. We will be reviewing their latest version, the Foldylock Compact.


The Foldylock Compact, what's in the box?

The Foldylock Compact, what’s in the box?


The Foldylock Compact is, as the name implies a short lock. Fully stretched out it is 80cm long, once locked you have almost 30cm of useable length. Unlike a lot of smaller locks, the kind you use for securing your bike while nipping into a shop, the Foldylock Compact is most of all solid. Six hardened steel links and toughened link pins give a reassuringly secure feel.


Hardened steel links and toughened pins, make for a flexible and tough lock

Hardened steel links and toughened pins, make for a flexible and tough lock


The keys supplied with the Compact are similar to what you would find being used on a car. The keys come with a registration card, once registered you can easily get replacement keys. The lock cylinder is toughened and proof against drilling and freeze attacks. Have a look at their video to see the kind of abuse they put it through.


Automotive standard keys are supplied

Automotive standard keys are supplied


Although small in size the Foldylock Compact is a hefty beast and you probably won’t want to carry it in your pocket. Because of it’s weight – 1012g – Seatylock have included a handy carrier which can be attached to your bike. The carrier is a neat design and the Foldylock Compact clicks into it firmly. You can either fit it to your frame’s bottle bosses, for which Alan bolts and key are supplied. Alternatively two Velcro straps are supplied to allow you to attach it elsewhere.


The Foldylock Compact comes with it's own carrier

The Foldylock Compact comes with it’s own carrier


I’ll be trying out the Foldylock Compact while riding around town and will let you know how I get on with it.




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