Easton Cycling’s Birth of a Carbon Wheel

Easton Cycling’s Birth of a Carbon Wheel
Easton Cycling: Birth of a Carbon Wheel Video


If you ever wondered how a carbon wheel rim is made, here’s the video that shows how it is done – by Easton, at least. As with everything cycling, the technology has moved on in recent years but one aspect of the construction method stays the same; the carbon pre-preg is wrapped by hand.


Note the way the aluminium internal former is retrieved from the carbon half-rim and the way the two halves are then joined to make the whole.


Note, too, the way the technician tensions the spokes using the note they emit when plucked to judge how tight to go and that the wheel is loose in the jig during the process.


Interestingly, on final inspection the wheel is rigidly clamped while individual spokes are tested for tension. The result is noted as part of the quality control process, which also includes checks in the rim’s axial and radial truth.



Easton Cycling

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