Ekoi Winter Clothing

Time to winterise your winter wardrobe? Take a look at some of the Ekoi Winter Clothing range.

The rain has stopped and now it’s sunny and dry, but oh so cold! To keep you riding when the weather is less than clement the Ekoi Winter Clothing range has garments to cope with temperatures from +5°C to -20°C. Ekoi’s winter range includes thermoregulating, water-repellent and waterproof fabrics. These include BeHot, a fabric that actually generates heat as it stretches; perfect for tights. There’s also carbon thread in some of them that spreads your heat around your body.

Fumy Beppu even has his own range of Ekoi Winter Clothing!
Fumy Beppu even has his own range of Ekoi Winter Clothing!

EKOI ELEGANCE thermal jacket

The EKOI ELEGANCE thermal jacket is a winter jacket with a unique look. The front is made from a wind-proof and water-repellent material; so far so normal. What’s difference is that it’s also quilted, this gives it a very different look to most cycling jerseys. Ekoi describe the look as “chic, discreet with a touch of class“. The whole jersey does have a very tailored look, it will definitely flatter the slimmer rider; maybe it’s the incentive we need over the winter?

However the ELEGANCE is not just a pretty face. While the front will keep you warm and shrug off road spay and light rain, the sleeves and back need something tougher. Here you have a stretchable, waterproof material, finished with a light fleece on the inside. The collar is high and fleece-backed and the zips have garages top and bottom to stop rubbing.

The bottom is extended at the back for extra coverage and there are three rear pockets. The two outer pockets are angles to make access easier and the waist band has silicone dots to keep t in place. Ekoi say it is perfect for temperatures down to 5°C. Price is £260, but there are often offers available on the Ekoi site; at the moment it is available for £130!


The Ekoi THERMO TOP CARBON was designed for riders from the Arkéa-Samsic and Israel-Premier Tech teams, but now we can wear it! Ekoi say that the “combination of polypropylene and carbon yarn promotes the transfer of humidity to the outside as well as the uniform distribution of heat throughout the fabric.” So as you ride this base-layer will not only move the sweat away from your body, but also move heat around it. This should lead to you staying warm and dry, two important factors in winter riding.

The base-layer comes with a high collar, something I like when the it’s cold, although some can be restrictive. As well as its quick-drying and thermoregulating properties, the fabric is, apparently very soft to the touch. Well we all like a little luxury now and then and maybe it will make venturing outdoors a little more bearable! The THERMOTOP CARBON is rated down to -5°C, price is £79.20, (excl. special offers).


These bibtights are made using BeHot technology. When stretched the threads actually generate 1-2 degrees of warmth. This combined with the water repellent finish and fleecy interior adds up to a pair of bibtights that will laugh at the worst the elements can do!

BeHot fabric features in these bibtights from the Ekoi Winter Clothing range
BeHot fabric features in these bibtights from the Ekoi Winter Clothing range

The pad used in these bibtights is Ekoi’s Comfort Zone pad. It has shape-memory gel inserts that are placed under your sit-bones. These sit on top of a high-density, V-shaped pad, all designed to keep you comfortable on long rides. The legs are finished off with zipped ankle cuffs and wide straps, joined at the back with a mesh panel. The HEAT CONCEPT bib tights are effective down to -10°C and are are £294, but currently on offer for 50% off.

Ekoi Winter jerseys and Jackets

Take a scroll through the jerseys and jackets in the Ekoi Winter Clothing range and you’ll be sure to find something you like. Male or female, MTBer, gravelista or roadie, there’s a plethora of designs and styles. For early winter rides you could try the COLD EXTREME jersey, this uses the BeHot fabric to add a little extra warmth to your rides.

Or if you’re venturing out and it’s looking to be a little damp, you could try the CROSS ROAD thermal jacket. This has a 3-layer technical membrane for a waterproof, windproof and breathable jacket. It’ll keep off light rain and snow, allowing you to enjoy those winter miles. Ekoi’s winter jerseys and jacket cover all weather types and prices, head over and take a look.

Ekoi winter accessories

Once you have your top and bottom half sorted, it’s time to look at what’s available for hands and feet. Getting these right can make the difference between a glorious winter ride and an icy nightmare. I find my hands don’t suffer so much, but my feet, that’s a different story. Finding the perfect combination of sock, shoe and over-shoe is a never ending battle. One that often ends with me deciding to choose the turbo over cold feet. So let’s see what Ekoi have to combat chilly digits!

Ekoi’s ARTIC HIPPORA winter gloves

Fist up are Ekoi’s ARTIC HIPPORA winter gloves. These are waterproof, breathable and warm down to -5°C. The inside is fleece-lined for warmth and the palm has gel pads to reduce road-buzz. A nice touch is the thumb and index finger which are longer than normal. This is so they fit better when you’re riding on the hoods. They will also work with touch-screens, so you won’t have to remove them for those vital selfies. The cuffs have velcro closures and an elasticated band to helpl keep draughts out. For wear in temperatures down to -5°C. Price, £90.52 (excl. special offers) 

Ekoi HEAT CONCEPT BIKE heated winter gloves

Now we come to a pair of gloves that are only for the truly devoted winter riders; the Ekoi HEAT CONCEPT BIKE heated winter gloves. These have a lithium battery housed in a water-proof sleeve on top of the cuff. This supplies heat to filaments that are extend from the wrist to each fingertip. You can choose between three heat settings depending on the temperature: 30-35-40°C. This is done by pressing a pad on top of the cuff, while coloured lights let you know which setting you have.

Ekoi say the gloves are characterized by the finesse of their fingers“. I guess this means that the heating system allows them to be less bulky than other deep-winter gloves. Thinner gloves will give a better feel on the bike, allowing for better control; a good thing when surfaces can be greasy. The gloves are also breathable and have a water-repellent membranes, so can be worn as normal gloves, without the added heat. Efective down to -10°C. Price, $229.99 (excl. special offers)

Now we’re heading into the products that will try and keep your feet warm. This can be difficult in winter as you have the added issue of water and cold temperatures. Water spinning off your wheels will soak your legs, run down them and soak your socks and feet; a cold nightmare that nobody enjoys. The items below will keep you warm on cold days, but I would add mudguards to keep as much water off your lower limbs as is possible.

EKOI Thermolite CARBON FIBER 3 long socks

Come the winter you can’t beat a good pair of socks, personally I don’t like anything too thick. Thick socks and cycling shoes just don’t go well together. The Ekoi Thermolite CARBON FIBER 3 socks are made from a hollow-fibre thread that traps a layer of air next to your skin, keeping your feet warm. Added to the material is a carbon thread, providing extra support and wear resistance. The socks come in three heights- 11, 18 and 29cm – so you can choose your perfect fit.

Ekoi HEAT CONCEPT heated winter overshoes

The Ekoi HEAT CONCEPT heated winter overshoes use the same technology as their glove and could mean the end of frozen toes. Each overshoe is powered by its own battery located in a pocket above the ankle. The 4mm neoprene is thick enough for normal cold rides, but when the mercury really drops you can turn up the power. You can choose between red-40°C, orange-35°C and green-30°C. These will give you from 1.5 to 4 hours of heat, depending on the setting.

Ekoi recommend combining the HEAT CONCEPT overshoes with their Thermolite socks, which store the heat, keeping your feet warmer for longer. They’re not recommended for MTBing and should be turned off in heavy rain. These are effective down to -20°C! Price, £226.31 (excl. special offers)

EKOI W4 Winter Road shoes

Ekoi’s W4 Winter Road shoes are an evolution from their previous model, with improved thermal properties. They had tests carried out by an independent laboratory in which, after 30 minutes at -17°C), the shoes displayed a temperature +2.8°C higher than a pair of standard shoes. Add in a pair of THERMOLITE socks and a water-proof liner and you should be warm down to 0°C. Once it gets below that or it’s really wet, Ekoi suggest wearing a pair of overshoes.

Closures on the W4 Winter Road shoes consist of an ATOP buckle and a neoprene cuff with velcro closure. The sole is a mix of Polyamide/carbon-fibre mix, without vents to keep the cold and wet out. The sole is drilled for a standard 3-point cleat and has graduation lines on to help with cleat placement. It comes in sizes 39-47. Price, $282.89 (excl. special offers)

So there you go, a selection of Ekoi’s winter clothing that will enable you to get out during the winter months. Alternatively you could move somewhere warm and sunny! Keep an eye out for Ekoï’s Black Friday offer that runs from 10th November to 1st December, you’ll get some great deals.

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