Look Power Pedals

Look launch two new Power Pedals, the Keo Blade Power and X-Track Power.

These new Look Power Pedals are “Easy to fit, accurate and lightweight“, all of which are desirable. Look pedals have been around since 1984 and their range of Keo and X-Track pedals are used by many riders. These new power-meter pedals are called the Keo Blade Power and the off-road friendly X-Track Power. 

Look Power Pedals come in road and off-road versions
Look Power Pedals come in road and off-road versions

Both models have all their electronics and battery, inside the steel axle. This means Look have minimised the chance for water to creep in through access caps. Charging is via a magnetic coupling, so there’s no need to replace batteries. Look say the new Power Pedals will last sixty hours on a single charge.

Both Power Pedals come in either single or double sided versions. The dual-sided versions can measure total power, cadence and left/right balance. This data can allow a rider to focus on developing a more efficient pedal stroke.

Charging of the Look Power Pedals is via a magnetic coupling
Charging of the Look Power Pedals is via a magnetic coupling

Alternatively you could choose the single-sided pedals. These have the power-sensor in the left-hand pedal, with the total power estimated. These measurements are accurate to +/- 1% “regardless of air temperature or altitude”, according to Look. They also use “proven algorithms” to help achieve consistency. The argument over single or double-sided has many adherents to either side; Look are happy to accommodate both sides.

Keo Blade Power

The Keo Blade Power uses Look’s patented Blade technology instead of a metal spring to hold the cleat in place. This is a tried and tested design and has allowed the Keo models to be some of the lightest pedals around. The carbon-bodied Keo Blade Power have a claimed weight of 260g a pair.

The new Keo pedal design also has a larger 705mm² platform which delivers “unmatched power transfer from the rider”. Meanwhile the “updated centre of gravity” is designed to make clipping in easier. Also in this age of aero-everything, the new Keo shape “offers a highly aerodynamic design combined with a low profile to save every watt”.

  • Cleats: Look Keo Standard
  • Weight: 260g pair
  • Q Factor: 53mm
  • Stack height: 10.8mm

X-Track Power Pedals

Looking at the X-Track Power Pedals these feature a recycled aluminium body that have a claimed weight of 404g a pair. They have a contact surface measuring 540 mm², which Look says has “the best power-to-weight ratio on the market”. As with the road pedals, all the delicate sensors are located within the steel axle. Charging is achieved in the same manner and they also come in single or dual-sided versions.

  • Cleats: Standard cleat
  • Weight: 455g pair
  • Q Factor: 53mm
  • Stack height: 10.7mm


Placing delicate electronics in your pedals, where they are probably more likely to get hit, Look have sensibly focused on durability. As we said the sensors are housed inside a steel axle that is fully sealed to an IPX7 standard. This means they can be submerged in water up to a meter deep for 30 minutes without damage.

The Look Power Pedals have their sensors and battery sealed inside the steel axle for durability
The Power Pedals have their sensors and battery sealed inside the steel axle for durability

The new Keo Blade also has a new shape to improve on its durability. If, however you were to damage either pedal body, you can simply swap it out, keeping the axle. However if the worse were to happen, Look has an extended warranty and a graduated three-year crash replacement program for registered products. 

Prices for the Keo Blade Power pedals are $679 / £599 for the single pedal and $999 / £899 for the dual. The X-Track Power pedals retail at $759 / £674.99 for the single and $1099 / £999.99 for the dual. Favero have also released their off-road power pedals, read about it here.

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