Assioma PRO MX Power Pedals

Assioma PRO MX pedals bringing power to off-roader’s feet.

As we all know, in bike racing, power is everything. Whether that’s sprinting to the finish, or flying up hill power, and how much we have available determines our performances. Of course if power is so important, then we need some way to measure it. Various methods have been developed over the years, taking their measurements from hubs, cranks and pedals. The Assioma PRO MX pedals are a new product from the Italian brand that have previously produced a well respected set of road power pedals.

The Assioma PRO MX comes in single and double sided versions

Assioma’s PRO MX pedals are their first set of off-road pedals and come in single or double-sided versions. Their road pedals have a very good reputation for reliability and accuracy, but did have an odd look. This was due to the way the electronics were tucked away in pods that sat next to the cranks. The PRO MX pedals however, have done away with the pods and their electronics are sited inside the axles.

Sensors inside the axle for safety

With the delicate electronics tucked away inside the axle, Assioma have created a secure shell for the PRO MX. It would take a massive impact to affect the pedal’s circuitry! Assioma have gone with a rechargeable battery, as they say it ensures a constant power supply to the sensor. Their research suggested that standard batteries can suffer from drop-outs, caused by faulty contacts. The PRO MX pedals avoid this by having their battery directly welded to the circuit board.

Enclosing the whole sensor and battery also means that there is little chance for dirt or moisture getting in. The one thing you can guarantee with any kit that is going off-road is that it will get wet and dirty. Trying to stop water getting in where it’s not meant to is aways a nightmare and eventually, it will find a way. With charging achieved through a magnetic coupling, there’s no need for screwing and un-screwing battery compartments.

The Assioma PRO MX pedal keeps its sensors inside the axle
Assioma’s PRO MX pedal keeps its sensors inside the axle

Additionally, as the PRO MX has its sensor in the axle, it means you can change the axle out, if you need to. Say you wear out or damage the outer pedal body, then it’s a simple matter to replace it.

Why power pedals?

Most of us are used to crank-based power-meters, like the 4iiii PRECISION 3+ PRO that we are reviewing. These take their measurements from the crank, spindle or bottom-bracket. They come in single or double-sided versions and allow you to not only measure your power, but if both legs are delivering it equally and how smoothly. The only problem is that if you have more than one bike, you have to choose which one to use it with.

The MX-UP allows you to convert your non-power Assioma pedal into a power-pedal
The MX-UP allows you to convert your non-power Assioma pedal into a power-pedal

With pedal based power-meters you get the same features as a crank-based system, but you can easily swap them between bikes. For a rider like me who is riding and racing on and off-road, this makes life simper and cheaper! I have previously tried Garmin’s Rally pedals and was using them on all my bikes. Being able to train on whatever bike I wanted made life so much simpler.

The Assioma PRO MX will retail at €368 for a single sided pair, alternatively the double-sided can be had for € 613. This makes them considerably cheaper than Garmin’ versions’s. If you go for the single-sided version and then later decide you want to go double, you can get the MX-UP. This will allow you to convert your non-power pedal. We’ll try get our hands on a set to review, but in the meantime take a look at their website.

Assioma PRO MX specs

  • Bluetooth and Ant+ transmission.
  • Power accuracy +/- 1%
  • Battery: rechargeable Lithium, 60 hour life
  • Pedal weight with sensor 191.4g
  • Stack height, 11.2mm
  • Pedal axle AISI 630 stainless steel
  • Bearings, 2x needle rollers, 1 technopolymer washer
  • Protection, IP67 (Indoor/Outdoor) use
  • Compatible cleats, Shimano SM-SH51
  • Max cyclist weight, 120kg
  • Warranty, 2 years
  • ANT+, Bluetooth (bike PC) & Favero Assioma app
  •  Power (watt)
  •  Cadence (rpm)
  •  L/R Balance (only with Assioma PRO MX-2)
  • ANT+ & Favero Assioma app
  •  Platform Center Offset (PCO)
  •  Power Phase (PP)
  •  Torque Efficiency (TE)
  •  Pedal Smoothness (PS)
  •  Rider Position

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