The UDOG CIMA is a light weight, ultra-stiff road shoe.

UDOG are based in Veneto, Italy: a region with a love of cycling. Alberto Fonte created UDOG in 2021, after working for fi’zi:k, Kask and Pinarello. He’s an avid cyclist and used his sixteen years of experience to create the UDOG brand. UDOG stands for UnderDOG, and Fonte says that the “the Underdog seeks to prove that, with a drive to succeed and hard work, anyone can surprise us and win.”


UDOG went all out to impress with the UDOG CIMA, a sleek and stylish cycling shoe. I have to admit when it comes to fashion, the Italians do it best! The UDOG CIMA is a light weight, ultra stiff shoe, that UDOG says is made for climbing (CIMA translates as summit or mountain-top). How light, how stiff? Well my size 42 weighs in at 240g and hits 11 on the stiffness index. While it is a stiff shoe, I found it to be super comfortable. The soft sock-like material adapts well to my foot shape. While the wide toe box allows for toes to sit comfortably without being crushed together. They are also very breathable and quick-drying: that will be the knitted construction.

UDOG CIMA Knitted construction

This now brings me onto the design. The CIMA’s body is knitted to form an almost seamless construction. The knit varies depending on where it is and what its role is. For example, in the medial-arch area a tight knit is used for support. However it’s looser around the toe-box to provide for a more flexible fit.

The knit varies depending on its function

There are also two straps or tensioners that pass under the insole. These are held in place by the laces and are called the Tension Wrap System. The idea is to help with the transfer of power on the upstroke. Talking about the laces, UDOG have selected special flat laces that won’t come un-done: a small detail, but important.

When you have tied your laces what’s to stop them flapping? The UDOG CIMA incorporates an innovative pocket tongue system. This keeps the knotted laces tucked away under the tongue, stopping it from flapping around. So there’s no risk of it getting caught in the chain. For me, this is a great idea, keeping my feet safe while adding a sleek hideaway of the laces.

The UDOG CIMA is good looking on or off the bike
The UDOG CIMA is good looking on or off the bike

When it comes to putting power through the pedals to win the local crit race the UDOG CIMA shoe does it well. The stiff carbon-composite sole powers you across the finish line or to the top of that steep climb. The soles also incorporate some ventilation channels, to help keep you cool.

The carbon-composite sole has vents and 3-bolt fixings


I have been wearing the UDOG CIMA salt white shoes since their release date. Come rain or shine they are my go-to shoe. They have never let me down when it comes to comfort or performance. They’re also a real head turner, either queuing for a coffee or out on the Suffolk lanes: we all like to look good on and off the bike! In my opinion, whether you are on a club run, a sociable café ride with your mates, or competing in races the UDOG CIMA is a fantastic, stylish and a superb performing cycling shoe that is a must have for all cycling enthusiasts. Overall a fantastic cycling shoe that I love wearing.

UDOG CIMA looking cool!
UDOG CIMA looking cool!

Guide to sizes

The UDOG CIMA fits true to size, I wear a uk10 in trainers so opted for the uk10.5 in the CIMA, and they fit perfectly.

The UDOG CIMA range is available from size 38 up to 46 and comes in five different colours. The shoes retail at €250 on the UDOG website. If you want to read about other knitted shoes, take a look at our review of the Fizik Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave.

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