Pas Normal Studios To Design Winner’s Jerseys For UCI

PAS NORMAL STUDIOS is partnering with the UCI to design the winner’s jerseys for the Gravel World Tour Series

Copenhagen based PAS NORMAL STUDIOS will design unique jerseys for the men’s and women’s winners jersey across all age categories. The UCI Gravel World Series is a seventeen race series taking place over four continents. The age categories go from 19-34, 35-39, 40-44 and so on in five year groups. The 2023 world champs will be held once again in Venetto, Italy. After that they will change every year, with the next venues being Belgium, France, Australia and then France.

The current winners jersey

The designs have yet to be revealed and will be available to winners only. So if you want one you’ll have to earn it! Could this be the ultimate brag on your local ride? Previously winners would get to wear a blue jersey with thin horizontal rainbow bands. Of course the pro’s get to wear the iconic white jersey with horizontal rainbow bands. While it’s unlikely to copy that design, it will be interesting to see what the Pas Normal Studio take is.

Copenhagen based brand Pas Normal Studios produce contemporary, technical cycling clothing. Their aim is to produce “technically perfect apparel, combined with visionary aesthetics“. Founded back in 2014 they have gained a loyal following for their understated designs. Scrolling through their website and I like the look of their clothing. Colours are muted and designs tend to be classic single colours with a few blocks of contrast. But minimalist design doesn’t mean limited choice when it comes to colours. Take their aero summer jersey the Mechanism, that comes in nineteen colours!

Pas Normal Studios designs are simple, what will their winners jerseys look like?

There are also reinforced gravel shorts, wool jerseys, jackets, gilets and even their own range of helmets. Pas Normal Studios have also got you covered off the bike with their range of casual wear. And it’s not just great kit and designs. Pas Normal Studios are keen to make sure their company and suppliers are environmentally and ethically sound. You can read all about their ethos on their website.

While they are based in Scandinavia, Pas Normal Studios is also available online, at the Pas Normal Studios Flagship Stores (Mallorca, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Taipei and Seoul) and select retailers worldwide. So while we all wait for the new jersey design, why not check out their range?

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