The Handmade Cyclist – Christmas Sorted

If only there was a one-stop shop where you could buy cool cycling related gifts! Look no further, the Handmade Cyclist is here to save the day!

Christmas is getting closer and you still haven’t found anything for your cyclist! What are you going to do? Don’t panic, while you could spend a few thousand on a beautiful bit of carbon-fibre loveliness like the Handsling A1R0evo, there are cheaper options. For instance you could take a look through the stylish options available from the Handmade Cyclist.

The South Downs Social is where you can see the all Handmade Cyclist goodies
The South Downs Social is where you can see all of the Handmade Cyclist goodies

Nestled at the western end of the South Downs is one of England’s prettiest towns, Winchester. With it’s olde worlde charm and proximity to some excellent off and on road riding, it’s a perfect stopping place for cyclists. Head in to town for a mid-ride coffee and cake and you’ll come across the South Downs Social. Not only a great place to re-fuel, but also the real world location of the Handmade Cyclist. I’ve stopped here before doing the CX Century and can recommend the cake!


A small collection of Handmade Cyclist espresso cups
A small collection of Handmade Cyclist espresso cups

Here you’ll find all manner of cycling related gifts displayed in the café. You can choose from fine bone china mugs or espresso cups with rider and race related designs. Proclaim your love of a particular rider by choosing a design that incorporates their jersey colours and a quote. Alternatively you could show your preference for a particular race sector or mountain pass. Perhaps over time you could collect them all to show what a cultured cyclist you are!


Ceramics not what you’re looking for? Then perhaps you could choose from the range of clothing available from the Handmade Cyclist? T-shirts and sweatshirts are available with some fantastic looking designs. Some of the designs are a little more local, with the South Downs Way and King Alfred’s way getting a look in. There’s also a track orientated collection called ‘Pista’ for those fans of riding around in circles.

If you have a superstitious cyclist to buy for, my recommendation would be Dossard 13. Road racers turn the number 13 upside on their jersey if they have to wear it, in an attempt to avoid any bad luck. You can do the same and confuse your non-cycling friends! The clothing is made from organic FairWear cotton, with water-based screen print and Handmade Cyclist hip and neck labels. 


Hanging on every cyclist’s wall should be a piece of cycling art. For some this will be their best bike, hung in a place of honour where all can see. However, if that’s not an option then you could choose a piece of art from the Handmade Cyclist collection. Your biggest problem will be choosing which design to choose from. The collection is split in to three categories, Race, Rider or Country. You can buy them as individual prints, which come in three sizes; Medium (42cmx29.7cm), Large (59.4cm x 42cm) or Extra Large (84.1cmx59.4cm).

Just some of the Handmade Cyclist prints
Just some of the Handmade Cyclist prints

Each print is a hand printed Giclee print using archival ink on acid-free, gallery-grade art paper. These are printed and framed to order in the Handmade Cyclist’s own studio, so you are getting a unique piece of art. While you can’t ride a picture, it’s also not going to leave oily chain marks on your walls!

So there you go, the Handmade Cyclist, a great place to eat and pick up some cool cycling gifts. Of course if you can’t make it to their Winchester store, you could head over to their website and peruse their choice of gifts. Check out our previous Christmas suggestions here.

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