Muc-Off Saddle Pack – Christmas Sorted

The Muc-Off Saddle Pack is a new addition to their range, just in time for Christmas!

If you’re a non-cyclist you’re probably thinking “a saddle pack, for Christmas, really?” Yes, us cyclists love a saddle pack. Oh there are some that would never spoil the looks of their bike with one, but they’re just so useful. We cram them with tools and then hope never to need them. However when we do, they better be good! The Muc-Off Saddle Pack is their first saddle pack, so let’s see what it’s like.

The Muc-Off Saddle Pack
Muc-Off Saddle Pack

The Muc-Off Saddle Pack is made from highly durable 600D TPU material with a water-resistant zipper. Using a tough water-proof material for a saddle pack is an absolute necessity. It’s going to be stuffed with way too many tools, that will do their best to pierce the material and where it’s positioned it will be subject to road spray and muck. So a tough TPU material is a must.

Inside there’s 0.7L of storage, which sounds a lot. However once you’ve put inner-tubes, multi-tool, tyre levers etc. in, that space soon fills up. Deciding just what you need to fill your saddle pack with is a personal choice that depends on so many things. Where are you riding, for how long, who with and just how many eventualities are you going to prepare for?

Straps and pockets

On the inside there are mesh pockets and elasticated loops to keep your stuff from rattling around. This will also make it easier to grab what you need if you’re in a rush. There’s also a little slot to stash things like a credit card. Once un-zipped the whole pack opens up, making finding what you need easier. I find that bags that have just a narrow opening at one end can be a pain to access. By having the whole pack open up it makes the process so much easier; as long as you don’t drop all the loose stuff on the floor!

The Muc-Off Saddle Pack attaches with a simple Hypalon Hook and Loop strap. This is the simplest way of keeping your pack in place. Strap it down nice and tight and it shouldn’t wobble or rattle around. When you need to access it, you remove the whole pack from the saddle. This will make getting your items out a lot easier than my current pack where I have to pull everything out to get one item. Then when it comes to getting it all back in, that’s another hassle. This design seems a lot more practical. Weighing in at 95 grammes, it’s not going to slow you down or put any stress on your saddle.

Muc-Off Saddle Pack features

  • Premium grade water repellent 600D TPU
  • Durable, moulded and heat-sealed construction
  • Water resistant zip
  • Hypalon Hook and Loop adjustable strap
  • Designed to fit inner tube, Muc-Off mini pump or CO2 inflator, Rim Stix, multi-tool, Repair Kit, and other accessories
  • Easy to fit and remove, no tools required
  • Inner mesh net and elasticated straps
  • Reflective printed graphics
  • Lightweight

Check out the Muc-Off Saddle Pack.

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