milKit Hassle’Off multi-tool

The milKit Hassle’off is a neat little get you out of trouble tool.

The milKit Hassle’Off powerbox is a neat little multitool that can be attached to your bike’s bottle-cage mount. Every cyclist needs a multitool, whether you’re on or off-road. As to which tools you will need, that’s a difficult one. Fittings on bikes have become a little more standardised and smaller over the years. Unless you’re riding an old bike, you can forget about spanners, it’s mainly hex and torx fittings. This has shrunk the range of tools needed down.

The milKit Hassle'Off
The milKit Hassle’Off

milKit says the Hassle’Off powerbox has more than twenty functions. Opening it is like coming across some kind of puzzle-box. Pulling it open and being amazed how everything fits together is a little voyage of discovery. The problem is remembering how it all goes back together!

The outer is made from a tough plastic that should keep the elements out and measures 117x53x13mm. The milKit site says it weighs 137 grammes, but mine came out at 120: a win for the weight-weenies. To get access to the tools you pull on the cap, which is made from softer plastic. The animation below shows how the parts fit together.

What’s inside?

Open up the Hassle’Off and you’ll find the following tools; chain breaker, spoke wrench, valve core tool, tire lever and two chain link holders. There’s a mini cutting tool for the tubeless plugs, that also has room to store them. Small magnets are used to hold chain links, hex keys and other bits in place. The main hex key has detachable bits that fit into it, for a total of nine sizes. Overall the hex key works well, the only issue is when using the chain-splitter. The leverage is a little off as you have to use the short length of the hex key, which needs some force.

A pump can be attached to the milKit Hassle’Off

Mounting the milKit directly means you won’t be caught out mid-ride looking for a tool. It fits between the frame and bottle, keeping it out of the way. Once fitted you can still get to the Hassle’Off, I was concerned that tightening the bolts would compress it, but it was fine. The side of the tool has an attachment rail that allows you to carry a pump along on your ride. Again another way of making sure you don’t forget your essentials. Also makes sense for long-distance rides, where your pockets are full: leaving no room for tools. Head over to the milKit site for more details

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