Alpitude Superleggero Cage – Christmas Sorted

The Alpitude Superleggero Cage is definitely a case of getting less for your money!

Alpitude are an Italian company with a simple mission; “to build the best components for your bike. They’re proud to carry on the Italian tradition of craftmanship and innovation in cycling products. They keep all their processes in-house and indeed, under one roof. Based in the Italian Alps, Alpitude have a range of super-lightweight parts for your bike. From saddles, to computer mounts, chain catchers and top-caps, if they can hand-craft it in carbon, they will!

The Alpitude Superleggero Cage gets finished by hand
The Alpitude Superleggero Cage gets finished by hand

So if you’re looking for something a little special for the cyclist in your life, take a look at the Alpitude Superleggero Cage. This has got to be as close to the ultimate bottle-cage as you can get; until we find the next one! The Superleggero is made from T800 Toray carbon fibre and is curved into a simple shape with no joins.

The Alpitude Superleggero Cage

Of course you know your cyclist will want to know all the details about Alpitude’s Superleggero, not that there’s a lot to talk about with a cage! As we said the body is T800 Toray carbon fibre, which you can have with a 1K or 6k finish. This will affect the price with the UD finish costing €79,90, while the other two will cost you €99.90; that’s each.

Weight for this bit of cycling bling is 9.5 grammes, excluding the two black titanium M5 screws. Buying this for the cyclist in your life will definitely mark you as a giver of the finest gifts. Head over to the Alpitude site to see their whole range of carbon fibre parts.

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