Cyclingbottles – Christmas, Sorted!

Cyclingbottles may be here to save your Christmas present dilemma. A series highlighting gifts for annoying cyclists.

What do you get the cyclist who has everything? Expensive bike? How much! Bike computer that costs more than my lap-top? Yeah, they’ve got two. Shoes? Don’t even ask. What do you do? Well there’s one item that I know I’m always happy to receive, a nice new bidon! Cyclingbottles know that a fussy cyclist will always accept a bottle – or two, matching preferably – to add to the collection.

As cyclists we get through a lot of bottles and that’s without chucking them to our adoring road-side fans! The ends get chewed, they’re left unwashed for ages, growing their own mega-flora that laughs at the dishwasher. Personally, I blame the kids. Mine borrow my bottles for school trips, lunches or walks and never clean them. They sit forgotten and unloved, developing the kind of bacteria that would make a Bond villain happy.

Who are Cyclingbottles?

When we do get around to buying replacements, it’s usually a last minute thing and there’s never a matching pair. It’s a minor problem, but it does niggle when setting out with mis-matched bottles. If only there was somewhere that did cool bottles, with cycling-related phrases? Which is where two Yorkshire cyclists come in.

They wanted to add a bit of fun and style to their bidon choice and decided to do it themselves. So Cyclingbottles was born. They’re still new to the world of cycling accessories so have started with just four designs, but they’re happy to take suggestions for the next run. Those four designs are; Diamonds in the Legs; All Weather Cyclist; Pain Cave and Sticky Bottle. Don’t know what those phrases mean? Doesn’t matter, your cycling friend will and will thank you for it! The bottles themselves are 500ml Shiva bottles manufactured by Tacx. They’re made in the Netherlands using BPA/F/S and PET(E) Free biodegradable plastic.

Cyclingbottles descriptions

Diamonds in the Legs

A well known saying in Belgium, and widely used throughout the peloton to suggest that you are on a good day! A rider with diamonds in the legs will usually be found on the attack, pulling on the front or with their hands raised at the finish line.

Diamonds in the Legs  from Cyclingbottles

All Weather Cyclist

The name given to those hardcore cyclists who brave the elements outdoors rain or shine. Nothing can stop this group of committed cyclists from getting out on their trusty steed, even in the coldest, wettest, windiest conditions.

All weather cyclist from Cyclingbottles

Pain Cave

The term used to describe the place in which your turbo trainer or static bike lives. When visiting this space, you know that things are about to get tough, really tough! Common items found in this room include a fan, towels and cycling bottles!

Pain cave bottle from Cyclingbottles

Sticky Bottle

A famous phrase used to describe a pro cyclist taking a bottle from the team car, whilst hanging on for a much needed acceleration boost back to the group. Hang on for too long, and feel the wrath of the commissaires!

Sticky bottle from Cyclingbottles

Buying a Cyclingbottles bidon will also get you a 20% discount from their nutrition partner Secret Training with every order; so, two gifts for one! More gift ideas to follow.

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