We take a look at Vulpine’s Women’s Gravel Shorts

We take a look at Vulpine’s Women’s Gravel Shorts

Along with the Protixol Jacket, Abi has been trying out Vulpine’s Women’s Gravel Shorts

Vulpine’s Women’s gravel shorts come in moss green, sandstone and in Oxford blue. Vulpine say they’re their most versatile and hardwearing shorts. And are perfect for all types of cycling, whether on city streets or single track. Or you could just wear them to grab a drink with your mates!

Vulpine Women's Gravel Shorts
Vulpine’s Women’s Gravel Shorts

The Vulpine Women’s shorts are smart close fitting over-shorts. They don’t come with any liner shorts so you’re free to choose your favourite Lycra shorts underneath; or not, since they also look good off the bike and don’t look “bikey”.

The shorts are close fitting so don’t flap or catch on the bike, and they the cut is casual enough to be able to fill the pockets with essentials and still be able to ride efficiently. There are two front pockets, and an extra little pocket for coins, if you still use them, and two rear zipped pockets big enough for a phone, wallet or several energy bars.

They’re made of quite a sturdy ripstop fabric, good for cooler temperatures. The fabric is slightly stretchy which means they’re more comfortable to move about in. They also have a diamond gusset so there’s no irritation from bulky seams. The size chart on the Vulpine website only gives waist not hip measurements but I reckon the medium is a size 12. I’m a tall size 12 so I opted to test the Large size; they fitted fine on my hips but I wore a belt for a closer fit on the waist, although they still slid down a bit. I tested them mountain biking and gravel riding and found them more comfortable on a mountain bike than I did in the tuck position on a gravel bike.

These shorts are versatile and I’d choose to wear them on casual rides or commutes, or for cafe rides when I want to look smart, have an extra layer of protection and extra carrying capacity.

Take a look at Vulpine’s Women’s Gravel Shorts.

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