GripGrab Flandrien Waterproof Knitted Road Shoe Covers.

GripGrab Flandrien Waterproof Knitted Road Shoe Covers.

GripGrab’s take on the classic Belgian Bootie.

Spring arrives and we all know what that means? Yes, cold wet feet and filthy shoes; what every north European cyclist loves! Forget those summer rides along sunny boulevards; it’s time for Belgian toothpaste and grit!

To help you through these trying times GripGrab have come up with a modern take on the classic “Belgian Bootie”. Back in the good ol’ days, we’d pull on a pair or two of – usually white – socks over our shoes to add a bit of warmth and protect them from the muck. They weren’t much good, but you looked the part and that’s what it’s all about sometimes.

GripGrab Flandrien waterproof bootie

The GripGrab Flandrien Waterproof Knitted Road Shoe Covers have taken this old idea and added modern fibres, so that they actually work. They’ve kept the idea of a soft material that stretches and fits to your shoe, so it’s not too bulky. To that they’ve added water-resistance and reinforced the area around the cut-outs.

Time to get them dirty

The first thing you notice about these booties is their simple design; its a sock with holes in! Putting them on is a simple matter of pulling them on over your shoes; they come up high, very modern.

The membrane inside the shoe covers is waterproof, but remember water will find a way! Running mudguards will stop the spray from your front wheel hitting your legs and running down past the shoe cover. You could also add a pair of GripGrab’s waterproof leggings and run them over the top of the shoe-covers; belt and braces style!

During my time with the GripGrab Flandrien shoe-covers I found them to be warm and kept me dry on one to two hour wet rides. For longer rides, or really heavy rain you will need mudguards and waterproof leggings.

GripGrab Flandrien

Any downsides with the GripGrab Flandrien shoe-covers? The only issue I had was when pulling them on over shoes with ratchet style straps. If you have a long strap the soft inner can snag. Not a major issue – they never tore or anything – but it was the only negative and I really had to think hard to come up with that one!

So to sum up with GripGrab’s own bullet points they are; breathable & insulating, waterproof & windproof, form-fitting, have a slip-on cuff and wear reinforcements. All the things you need when heading out into the wet.

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