The G-One Ultrabite gravel tyre

The G-One Ultrabite gravel tyre

Summer’s here and with it unseasonable rain. Thankfully I’ve been sent a pair of Schwalbe G-One Ultrabite tyres to play with; did they know something we didn’t?

Schwalbe say the G-One Ultrabite is for “GRAVEL WITHOUT LIMITS“! A bold claim, but I’m a long time Schwalbe fan, so if anyone can make that claim I reckon it’s Schwalbe.

G-One Ultrabite

The G-One Ultrabite is “perfectly suited for use on gravel roads, forest tracks and trails, even in challenging conditions“; sounds just right for this summer! While I love the G-One Bite for general riding and the G-One Allround for dry, dusty days, sometimes the weather won’t play ball. Throw in a few days of heavy rain and my local trails quickly require something with a little more bite. And where I need grip more than I need a fast road tyre, the G-One Ultrabite looks to be the one.

You can even get the G-One Ultrabite in a special edition green sidewall

The G-One Ultrabite is tubeless ready, of course. Who is heading off-road without tubeless nowadays? The benefits that come from puncture protection and the ability to run lower pressures have been proven to me over the years; I won’t go back to inner tubes.

The G-One Ultrabite’s tread is a spin-off of the G-One tread pattern. The usual stubby cylinders are joined in pairs they call “tape knobs”. A horizontal line runs down the centre, with angled pairs and short vertical sets providing grip in different planes and allowing mud clearance, hopefully. Running round the outside edge is a band of larger “tape knobs” that should give some confident cornering.

The G-One family line-up

Schwalbe suggest mixing and matching your tyres, Ultrabite up front with a Bite or Allround on the rear; see what works for your style of riding. I’ll be trying these out over the summer – if the weather continues to disappoint – hopefully the tyres won’t!

Check out Schwalbe’s gravel tyres here.

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