Nopinz SubZero Indoor Cycling Kit

Nopinz SubZero Indoor Cycling Kit

For all us sweaty turbo addicts the Nopinz SubZero outfit offers relief

Fresh out of Devon, skinsuit specialist Nopinz launch the SubZero range.

Nopinz SubZero
Could the Nopinz SubZero make your turbo session more bearable?

This new turbo specific clothing range uses bespoke technical fabrics that offer “maximum breathability and moisture management”. But it’s not just innovative fabrics that makes the Nopinz SubZero range special. They have added pockets to their clothing that allow you to insert cold gel packs. These sit against key temperature regulation points on the body and provide a cooling effect on while on the turbo. 

Nopinz SubZero
SubZero icepacks are inserted into strategically positioned pockets

Nopinz founder Blake Pond said, “As a competitive cyclist I’m constantly seeking new ways to enhance my performance. I knew there must be a more effective way than relying purely on cooling fans, so I decided to try putting ice packs into my kit to help me stay cool and boost my performance especially when racing in Zwift. The concept worked so well that it had to be part of our new indoor kit range and SubZero was born.

Blake continues; “Initial signs among our own athletes have been very promising! This doesn’t come as a surprise as many studies show that keeping your body temperature down allows you to perform at your best for longer, so we feel we’ve provided an additional solution to an existing problem for many athletes.”

Available as a body-suit or bib-shorts for men and women

The SubZero range helps to manage thermal stress and improve performance. 

Overheating while training indoors is a problem for all riders. While a fan is a must, it can only cool so much. Maybe you’ve added an extra fan? Or opened a window to get a breeze going? The latter annoying the rest of the household who were perfectly fine before you started!

Most of the suit is made from mesh

Overheating while training inside can cause dehydration and a reduction in performance. Apparently many of today’s elite e-racers are using multiple fans and air-conditioned rooms to give them a competitive edge; not an option for everyone. The Nopinz SubZero range could offer a marginal gain and performance advantage that is accessible to more riders. 

There are also wrist pockets to maximise cooling

The Nopinz SubZero range consists of bib shorts, race-suits and sweatbands, each with FreezePockets that hold replaceable frozen gel packs.

As part of the launch, Nopinz are partnering with the World Tactical Racing Leagues (WTRL) during their upcoming World Championships, being held on Zwift in November. One of the leading teams will be Nopinz R3R, who will wear SubZero racewear during the competition.

There’s also a Superlight Eco-Jersey, for indoor or hot outdoor rides

Normally over winter I would be getting ready for the cyclo-cross season, this year though, I’m not too sure. Many leagues are running less races and smaller fields, if they’re running at all! So it looks like if I want to satisfy that competitive itch I’ll be heading indoors. And the Nopinz SubZero lloks like just the thing to keep me cool.

Look out for a review of the SubZero range here soon. In the meantime head over to the Nopinz website for more details.

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